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jennyr - November 25

Ok my little one will be 2 on the 28th of December. I know it is the terrible 2's but seriously this is my first child and she was so good all the time. If you tell her no or take something away that she should not have she starts screaming at the top of her lungs. She cries and sometimes throws herself on the floor. Today she was yelled at almost all day. It was a horrible day. We try timeouts and they work but sometimes she just goes back to doing the same thing. I am not sure what should be a time out or not. Like picking your battles. If I tell her no and she starts crying do I ignore her or what. I don't know what to do and my parents just keep saying to start discipining her. If we are in a store or restarant and she starts to act up I just tell her she is going to be put in timeout and then I try to occupy her. It is just really at home that she is horrible. If she is playing she is great but what do I do and when do I figure to put her in timeout. I mean if I put her in time out for everything she cries over she wil not be out of time out most of the day. Also when do I put her in her crib if she is being really bad? Please someone answer. Thanks in advance!


Sindel - November 26

hmm well i have a 2 year old as well.. all i know is you aren't supposed to react to them emotionally when they are bad.. then they know they are getting a reaction out of you.. correcting their behavior without anger or frustration.. distracting them with another activity also helps. ignoring the bad and lots of praise when she is good. timeouts for bad behaviour shouldnt be done in the crib. they a__sociate that place with comfort and rest if you use it for timeouts then she wont wanna go in there at all and you might find it hard to put her to bed at night. my son likes to scream bloody murder when we put him the front of grocery carts and I just walk into the store acting like i cant hear him.. he always stops after a minute or so when I find something to distract him with.. doesnt always work.. but i hope this helps you alittle.


krc - November 27

I know it is good to teach a child their boundaries and stuff, but my friend had a terrible 2 year who it seemed as though the only word ever spoken to her was "no" ! She decided to 2 year old proof her home to the point where there wasn't anything she really had to tell her " no " for. ( of course not for everything). I guess every child is different.


Mamabear - November 27

Maybe its time to offer her choices? My son is only 18 months, but I have lots of experience with family babies..... At this age, she might feel at a loss with everyone telling her "NO" and telling her what to do, how to do it, when to do it, etc. its a tough battle, but you have to just be one step ahead. Offer her two outfits in the morning, tell her to pick what she wants to wear. Whenever possible (for you) offer her a choice (of no more than 2 things or you will be sorry!!!) This might help ease tantrums when faced with absolute "NO" situations. Give her a little say and you might not have to pick so many battles. Best of luck to you and remember, this too shall pa__s. :-)


kristie h - November 28

I do what mamabear has told you to do and most days my days are good. When i say "NO" to my ds and if he starts crying i just walk away. I know it sounds mean but whats the point of me telling him "no" and as soon as he crys i cuddle him, thats just showing him thats its ok and mummy didnt mean it. If you do just walk away it may be hard to hear her cry but most likley you will not have to tell her "no" for that particular thing again.


Joanne - November 29

I'm there with you - it is a battle of the wills at our house, but YOU MUST WIN! :-) Pick your battles, but don't let them get their way after they "pitch a fit" or they will continue doing it because they know it works.


cae - December 20

I totally agree with Mamabear. Give them choices. I have a 23 months old, and we are going thru the exact same thing. Can you imagine always being told NO NO NO, in almost everything you do, when you are trying to learn boundaries on what is right and wrong? Each time Ethan throws a fit I try to give him only 2 choices only. Ethan is behaving the same way your LO is, jennyr, it can be VERY frustrating, I know, trust me. I point and ask him, "which one" or "do you want this one or that one" or etc. When he points or tells me what he wants, we go with it. If he doesnt choose either or, I choose for him, and if he is unhappy and throws a tantrum he gets a time out. If we are in public I tell him VERY firmly, and if he throws a tantrum I just keep reinforcing and if he doesnt stop I just ignore him until he stops. .As hard as it is, I dont use any bribing.


o0LiLy0o - December 22

Well... My son does the same thing. Freaks out. It's the same thing here NO NO NO NO DONT DO THAT DONT TOCH THIS. My son is insane hyper very smart n energetic. so yeah i know the feeeeling and I go insane here to. But really think about it. When you cant do something you want to do, im sure you get frusterated. For lil kids its hard because they dont know that something can hurt them, yet they see us touching those things and they want to do what we do and touch what we touch so its reallly hard... i dunno



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