Opinion About Video Games Geared Towards Toddlers

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Krissy25 - November 15

My FIL informed me today that they bought my dd a video game for christmas. I don't really know much about it except it is supposed to be educational and involves exercise somehow. Even though i approve of the learning and exercise aspect of it, I just don't know if playing video games at such a young age is wise. And this will actually be her second system, last year they gave her a v-tech system and even though she has used it some she really doesn't seem to care for it and in a way i'm glad. I told my dh i didn't want them getting that for her, and i'm a little peeved b/c they asked what they should get her and i never mentioned that, he thinks i'm over reacting and it is fine and she'll have fun with it. I'm just dont' know. Do any of you ladies have something similar? If so do you think your child is really benefitting from them. BTW my dd is only 15 months old.


eclectic66 - November 15

I was raised in a home with video games and to this day my husband and I enjoy video games. And nowadays they make quite a few very interactive/educational "video games" for kids that help them to learn as well as have fun at the same time. In fact, I wish they had all those when I was younger...lol Honestly, I wouldn't be too worried about it. Especially since you said she didn't even seem to enjoy the other system there is a good chance she may not like this one, but if she does then I say go for it...let her enjoy it and as with anything....moderation is the key :-)


jodie - November 16

I was raised in a video game home too...lol. I have a 3yr old son and a 16 month old dd and my son has just started to get curious about video games. We have a nintedo DS and he will sometimes try to play some cheesy game we have for it. For christmas though we bought him the Smart Cycle which is a stationary bike that you plug into the tv and do different games...some educational and some just racing. I would say 15 months is probably a little you to even really understand video games but you could always stick it away for when she gets a little older. Plus you could use it as a rewards system for when she behaves. Goodluck with everything!


in the woods - November 17

I think V-Tech and its counterpart Leapfrog are very benign game systems, nothing like the teenager-style video games. It's true that only 3 plus year olds (maybe some 2.5 year olds) would be interested in them, though. It seems that your in-laws can't wait for the grandchildren to grow up...


kimberly - November 21

I really think it is a great way to get them active and make them want to learn. I do feel however that too much of a good thing can be bad. But, 30 mins. a day playing a game and learing and getting some exercise isn't a bad thing at all. I understand you not wanting to create a child that is obsessed with video games but a little here and there don't hurt a thing.



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