Outdoor Activities For A Toddler

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Lchan - June 1

My son is 13 months old and walks well. I would love to let him play on our lawn after dinner each evening. The problem is that I'm clueless as to game and activities we can do. We have a giant ball that we kick around and a small slide for him, but these are getting boring. Do you have any other ideas to share. What outdoor activities does your LOs do?


bbelmore - June 1

We go for walks in a park. There is a playground that usually has a bunch of kids playing, and he takes his stance at the steering wheel ( the play structure is meant to be a ship, with the captains post) he stands there steering and laughing at all of the other kids and has a blast.


LisaB - June 1

My ds is older but we go to the park alot, he also likes his bubble mower, any push toy, but in general he just walks around checking things out hes 18 months btw


kimberly - June 1

Maybe buy a toddler swing, they usually can hang from a tree. I know my youngest use to love it. Also, now that it is getting hot, maybe buy one of those small toy sprinkler toys. Some little ones love water where others don't though!


kellens mom - June 1

Kellen is the same age. She just started to like to go down slides. She loves the park because she climbs up the stairs on all the kid toys (mom following behind - of course). She is not big on the swings yet. Mostly she enjoys watching the other kids. A friend has a sand box. She played in that last weekend and had such a ball filling her bucket with sand. She also loved the sand in her toes. I see a sandbox of our own in our near future! We go for walks, plant flowers, visit neighbors, take ride toys outside (she only goes backwards). We turned on the hose the other day and she had fun in the water until she realized she was soaked. What about chalk? My dd likes to draw with a pencil on paper...it is similar. How about bubbles? Feeling the soap on his fingers might be nice. We like to smell flowers (some of the faces she make are priceless). Do you have those big Lego Blocks? Bring out a blanket and build something. Those pieces are hard to lose because they are big (plus they are on a blanket).


Lchan - June 1

Thank you all for your great ideas. He loves the park and their big playsets. BB- my son is a steering wheel hog too. The older kids get frustrated b/c he happy there for hours. Lisa - I hadn't thought about taking his play mower outside. Kimberly - my son loves the water. He has a pool, water mat, and water table but his favorite thing is the plain old garden hose. Kellens mom - Great ideas! Brining his big bloks outside is a great idea as is the chalk. He's just started to like coloring but chalk hadn't occurred to me yet. I see a sandbox in my son's future too. I'm just worried he'll try to eat the sand.


chickiepoo9 - June 1

my son honeslty loves just running around the back yeard and checking things out and going for walks more than anything he hardly touches anyof his toys and we can be out there for hours and hours


cae - June 2

I usually go for a walk after we eat dinner and pull Ethan on his wagon. He plays in his sandbox. He rides around on daddys shoulders. We just got a puppy so he plays with him and chases him around in the yard. We kick a big beach ball around. Ethan loves pushing anything on wheels. So he's got a few riding toys outside that he pushes all over. Now we only need to get our yard fenced.


Laceyandsamsmamma - June 2

my dd and ds loved to play outside in kiddie pools, we have a swingset, sprinkler, sand, chalk, tricycle, powerwheels, also they love to play in the dirt with small shovels, bubbles are a big hit and so is the bubble mower. Also we got this trampoline from toys r us for my dd just before she turned 2 it is a great toy, it is low to the ground so no need for a step ladder and it has its inclosure, and is as wide as a 12 footer I think. It looks just like the big kid ones except it is low to the ground but it holds adults too. my 17 year old plays on it as well as my 2 year old ds and 4 year old dd. maybe those mini soccer nets for your kick ball games, they also have litte bean bag throw games you can get, amongs other outdoor toys



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