Patterns Of Boys Playng With Their Tinkers

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in the woods - October 18

My boy "discovered" his tinker when his diapers disappeared and he started potty training - about 6 months ago. He's 3 months shy of his 3rd bday. He likes touching it and playing with it! I am getting after him for that, but I think it's deeper in the males than just "stop" because mommy said so. If anyone has older sons, what should I expect, in terms of boys and their plaything? Do you think they are at it when you are not watching? For how long can they keep their hands off it?


PaigeMeagans mommy - October 19

I am curious....what age do boys start to play with it? My son is 7 months and hasn't messed with his yet. Im suprised!


inuk-mama - October 19

lol our 1 yo. found his a few months ago. He also's goes right for it as soon as the diaper comes off. We're not too worried though, it's just their curiosity. If you are really worried try talking to your dr. about it.


in the woods - October 19

There was a topic here where moms said their little boys play with it at few months old, even at 3 mo. I remember thinking - how was it possible if they are always covered with a thick diaper. I do remember bringing my son to his doctor, at 6 months old, I had a question about his slightly crooked tinker, and the doctor pulled the skin back to examine - and he smiled broadly in the process! They sure can enjoy that at any age. Anyway, the full force started when he was able to get his hands on it!! Since he's potty training, he runs around only in his boxers at home (if he had pants/shorts, he would not be able to unb___ton or pull down so much stuff in time.) Underwear is not a great deterrent. He sometimes sticks his tinker out of the boxer's pocket! It's disgusting and funny at the same time. He certainly needs to play with it during downtime - watching TV, or just pensively sucking his thumb. When he's busy playing he forgets. But still, that's a lot of touching.


in the woods - October 19

Anybody with older sons? 6-7-8 years old? Do they have the need?


sahmof3 - October 19

My boys both discovered theirs at about 6-7 months old in the bath. My youngest son is still in diapers, so he doesn't get at it often. My oldest son is 7 years old and keeps playing with it from outside his pants. He'll just be playing outside or watching tv or something and I catch him. I keep telling him that it doesn't look nice to see that and it's not something that other people want to see him do. It has curbed it a little bit, but it's like a sub-conscious thing, so I have to bring it to his attention. At church I have to go over and whisper to him to bring it to his attention that he's even doing it. And, school... oh, I hope he doesn't do this at school... I haven't heard any bad reports home, so I don't think so. Eek! I'd say it's once every other day, on average that this goes on. I'm really at a loss of what to do or say next (I know, not much help, huh?). I don't think I'm going to be able to stop him altogether, but, for now, I need to work on nixing the habit of him doing this in public and at home on front of us, especially since my dd's almost 4 and she's starting to be very aware of everything, KWIM?


in the woods - October 19

OOOHHH sahmof3, you may think it's not much help, but it is! To just know that it's a common thing and I'm not raising, you know, something horrible....


sahmof3 - October 20



letgo0527 - November 13

My son is 15 months old and plays with his tinker whenever he's being changed or in the bath. He has been for a few months now. My nephew who is 6 1/2 now doesn't play with his. I think once they know it's for going peepee they don't really mess with it anymore. But it's normal for them to play with it in the beginning, they're just curious.



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