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brwneyedbbydll - November 14

Hello everybody....I need help....My 1 yr old son has had a low grade fever since NOV 5th of about 99.8-100.9 degrees. He has been to the doc and found that he has an ear infection and an upper respitory infection has bee taken meds since monday....yesterday his fever got up to 103.5 so i took him to the e-room and they said he was fine just to watch the fever. Today his fever pretty much stayed at 103.0 he hasn't eaten a real meal for about 4 days but he is drinking fluid and peeing ok. I am so worried about me it just doesn't seem right to have a fecer that long. What do u guys think? Please help me out i haven't slept in 2 weeks I am so worried something is more serious than what the docs say.


Wellis10 - December 19

OK, my lo just got over the same thing. He still has a little of it but is doing ok now. They say that a child can handle a temp all the way up to 104.8 - 105.0. My lo's temp was 103.9 at one point and I was freaking out too. They told me to give him motrin then wait 6 hours and give Tylenol. Then wait 4 hours and give motrin again. It is the best way to get rid of a temp. My lo did not eat for 6 days, he only drank water and a littel juice. As long as his drinking and going to the bathroom and his acting ok. He will be ok, if he starts to act out in pain or unnormal then I would be concerned. I know it's hard to watch your lo do this but it will pa__s in time.


another Karen - December 20

Hello. It's an awful experience. My daughter was like this a couple of months ago. They can handle not eating for a few days or so. Water is good but you should be able to get these iceblocks from the chemist that have the electrolytes in to prevent deyhdration. They said to give her one every half hour. She probably had one every hour or so and they were great. She wasn't interested in eating most of the time and threw up most things. I found having watermelon available was good when she would eat and sparsely b___tered toast or basic crackers. Hope all goes well, and as important as anything, try and remember to look after yourself, you need it too.


Amy_mommy - December 20

give him pedialyte to prevent dehydration. when kids are sick, u'll rarely see them have a good appet_te. when my DD is sick, she doesn't eat anything at all for ike dayssssssssssss! try to give your kid water and maybe a munch of this and that throughout the day at least he has some food in his stomach


kayla_shauntel_05 - December 20

I know how you feel. My daughter likes to spike 105.6 degree fevers and they treat me like an idiot when I take her to the ER. If it gets too high give tepid sponge baths, which is not hot and not cold, just barely warm. Leave him in a diaper and cover with a thin sheet. Alternate Tylenol and Motrin every 4 hours, and get as much pedialyte down him as you can. If he doesnt drink the pedialyte good, let a popsicle melt in the cup with it to help give it some flavor, or mix juice with it. My daughter likes to run extremely high fevers about once a month, and usually its just viral but this last time she had pneumonia and a really bad strep infection.



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