Please Help Bowel Issues

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stefkay - August 31

Hi, I haven't been on here in a while but am at my wits end with an issue my daughter has. She is now almost 14 months old and since she started solids at 6 to 8 months I've been posting here and at the infant care forum about her "crying poops". She is such a happy baby/toddler and is wonderful overall but when she has a bowel movement she pulls her knees up, turns red, breaks out in a sweat and screams/cries and is in PAIN! I can tell by the cry. She used to reach for me to hold her when she pooped and I'd push her knees up in her belly but now she goes off on her own and sits on the floor and does it. It is killing me. I've told her pedi about it for months and she says to give her more water. I'm TRYING! You can't force water on a toddler. It's enough to get her to drink her three 8 oz cups of milk each day (and she gets it all for the most part). I usually can get 8 oz of water mixed with juice in her in a day though. That sounds normal right? Well she is not constipated, she has at least one bowel movement per day but it is often large and pretty hard (can break apart--kind of like a ball of playdough that's been left out to dry or something?). Her dr. said at her 12 mo appt that if the water does not work they will prescribe a laxative at 15 months. I don't watn to mask the problem, I want to know if there is something wrong in her gut! HAS ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCED THIS? Is it normal for a childd her age to cry when pooping? i heard it was normal in babies b/c they are getting used to passing harder stools, but this is not right what she is going through. My fear also stems from that her older half brother (her father's child) is 12 and has similar issues since he was born yet he still poops his pants and has been diagnosed with autism. There is a link between the bowel problems and the autism I've read and it scares the c__p out of me. She shows no outward signs now, but I'm afraid it could come. As for her brother, his mother isn't doing much to help him and they live far away. She says she can't get him into a gastro b/c his pedi won't refer! I'm so frustrated. Anyways, no dr. will tell me what is normal and what is not so I'm resorting to this forum as the site has helped me more than doctors since before I got pregnant. Thank you for reading this novel.... Stef


Buffi R. - September 1

Stef, my daughter is almost 21 months and for the past 4 to 6 months, her poops have been pretty dry too, but she doesn't seem bothered by them like you described your daughter. The only time one of my kids cried through a poop was my son when he was about two and was very constipated. After not going for a couple days, he finally pooped out a log and cried through that. Since your daughter is going consistently everyday, I wouldn't worry too much about it being a bowel problem. I'd also worry more if it was looser than normal, like if her body wasn't absorbing enough water. Since you're having trouble getting her to drink more water, I would suggest trying to feed her some water-rich foods like watermelon or cuc_mbers. Good luck!


meg - September 2

Use's amazing!!! My son has been taking this since he was 15 months (he's nearly 3). He also started having tons of trouble with BM's when he started solids...he would strain & strain & cry, & finally after a few days he would go. It was horrible! Finally, at his 15 month checkup his pedi told me to use Miralax. It is 100% does exactly the same thing that your body does, it just does it a little better! :-) You buy it OTC & just mix it in their drink (it's a powder) Good luck!


kimberly - September 4

I maybe way off base here but my nephew has a disease called Hirschsprung's its where the nerves are either missing or don't work in the rectom and small intestine. I am not real familar with the disease but when you described the way she b___s up and cries in pain it reminded me of him when I visited one day. He was trying to poop and was scared and crying because it hurt him so badly. It was heartbreaking! Anyway I have know idea what the other symptoms are but maybe research it a little.


stefkay - September 8

Thanks girls so much! Buffi, I did really start trying to push the water and I reintroduced baby food prunes. I started giving her one jar a day along with 1 cup of water that takes a whole day to get in her (she will take 2 or 3 sips and throw her cup so I just let her do this all day long, lol). It seems to be helping so far, she still strains though but at least not screaming! Meg, I am going to get some miralax and keep it on hand, that sounds so much better to me than laxatives! kimberly, thank you so much for your post, I will look into that issue as I don't want to rule anything out. I want to gather whatever info I can before her next appointment. Good news for my dd's half brother is that his mother got him scheduled in to see a gastroenterologist next week so I pray that they can help him. She said that they think he has encopresis. I've read about this and basically his bowels get impacted. It's awful :( I will post about what else I find out. Anyone else has anymore info please let me know! Thank you again!


dreamy2433 - September 16

My doc has me using miralax for my son. And it has worked out wonderfully. You should try it. He has been on it since 12 months!


angeev - September 16

I feel badly for her, and you. Do you have an 'advice nurse' service in your area? It is just at the hospital and whatever nurse happens to be on call that evening will answer. They have been really great at helping me think of ways to discuss issues and concerns with my doctor so that the doc takes it more seriously--terminology, possible concerns. Yes, they should take your concerns seriously anyway, but the perspective of a medical professional not involved has really been helpful for our family.



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