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BABYHOPE - January 8

My son is 3 1/2 has been in his big boy bed since Feb 2007 with no problem, he has always been a great sleeper, as a baby people would say how lucky i was that he went to bed and slept all night, even when he was 1 -2 i would say time for bed and he would go, or tell me he wanted to go to bed.. We moved to a bigger house last july 2007 and he slept good for about a mounth, but now he refuses to go to bed. I mean Screams and crys for 2-3 hours does not tire at all, i have tried letting him pick out his pjs, reading a book everynight, having two guys or cars to sleep with, leaving the hall light on, he has two night lights, and still nothing.. he go's to bed at 8 on the nose. and does not sleep untill 10 or 11 just cries and get out of bed and stands at the top of the stairs. yelling mommy mommy, I have school twice a week and have to do homework when he gos to bed, i am really loosing my mind, i just cry too cause i dont know what else to do... can someone give me some advice please....


mjvdec01 - January 8

Have you ever watched Super Nanny? She has a great method. You do all the fussy stuff, books, songs, kisses, stuffed animals and whatever else, then that is it. If your child gets out of bed the first time you say, "time for bed", and take him back to bed with a kiss, all consecutive times, no kiss no talking to them, just strait to bed until they give up. A girlfriend of mine has had to use this method with all three of her boys and it does work. Apparently the child will quit getting up if there is no 'pay off', meaning no real attention from you other that putting them back in bed and the kiss the first time. It could take several times the first night, but I promise it will work if you follow it to a T. I think Supper Nanny also has a book out, if you need tips in other areas. Good luck!


BABYHOPE - January 8

GOD, thank you i feel like i have tried everything,. so why not this too.. thank you again i will let ya know how it works for me and my angel.. =)


mjvdec01 - January 8

Just stick to your guns and don't let him wear you down. My daughter will be two on february 9th and isn't in a big girl bed yet, so I guess my turn is coming soon. Currently I am 11 weeks 5 days pregnant and we hope to have her in a toddler bed soon before the baby is born. Let me know how things work out tonight. Good luck!


mjvdec01 - January 9

I am curious to hear how it went lastnight?


BABYHOPE - January 9

HAHA it was terrible i think i walked a total of a mile up and down my stairs, i deff. got a work out, i would turn him around and point to his bed he would get in for a min. and say mom i wanna talk to you a min. but i would walk away and he would follow...soooo really no change in him staying in bed, im going to try it again tonight , im sure its going to take abit just like most things... uuggghhh


mjvdec01 - January 9

I am sorry he didn't give up on the first night, how frustrating!!!! Keep at it, he will cave.


BABYHOPE - January 10

hey mj, thank you for your suport thru this for me! well last night was tons better!! i only had to go up about 10 times, still alot but its not 100.. he was asleep within an hour.. its so hard not to talk to him and say get in bed or lay down, just nuge him into bed , hes so funny he said " mommy talk to me please" and i almost cant help but smile at him.. but i have hope =P


mjvdec01 - January 10

Yea!!! I am so glad to hear that things went so well. Maybe tonight it will only take 5 times! That Supper Nanny is sure something if you ask me. I can't wait to hear how things go tonight. I guess it really is your talking to him that is the pay off for him to keep getting up. Now that there is no discussion about it there is no point in him getting up. I am so happy for you. :o}


BABYHOPE - January 11

OMG! last night was amazing! lol he went to bed, i told him its time to sleep with all the good boys and girls and i love you and i didnt walk up those d__n stairs again!!!!! ha i was so happy! god i hope this works forever!! its great and only in like 3 days!!! stress free nights!!! woo sorry im excited i got lots of rest last night haha...


mjvdec01 - January 11

That is great! I knew the method would work. Make sure to pa__s it on to other mothers who are having problems with bed time. That Supper Nanny is something, she doesn't have any kids of her own, but she sure knows how they tick. I am very happy for you!


mjvdec01 - January 11



PEB - January 12

hi babyhope. i recently posted Help i have a huge bed problem. mjvdec01 suggested i read this post for help. i'm just curious if your son has still been staying in his bed through the night. i am going to definately try this method and hopefully it will work for my daughter. i have a new baby on the way and i really don't want my daughter still in my bed when he arrives. also did your son scream and cry when youndid this? i have a feeling my daughter will and then what? i will try this method probably tomorrow night due to the fact my dh and i will be out of town tonight. wish me luck!


mjvdec01 - January 12

PEB, if you try this method it will work. If your daughter cries, then she cries. You just have to stick with it and not give in. I have several friends who use this method and it has worked for all of them, why not you as well. The key is no verbal communication after the first time out of bed. Try it and let us know how it goes. Good luck.


HeatherIsHopeful - January 13

this is great lol.. Im 18 weeks pregnant and I like to read to infant and toddler forums just to see what Im in for.. Im getting a lot of good ides from you guys LOL. thanks a ton!


BABYHOPE - January 14

hi gals, hi peb..... IT HAS WORKED, it is def, getting better, not like he will just go straight to bed yet but im not crying along with him cause im so stressed LOL, but that is right, he cries and i let him cry, he is up stairs so i just turn up the tv, or ( i leave the hall light on) i will tell him thats it no talking and if you get up the light gos off, he tested me and i turned it off and didnt turn it back on so now he knows i will do it... but my ds thing is he wants to talk to me ( just a min.) as he says lol, and i just look at him and nuge him back to bed... I use to have the problem where he would wake up in the middle of the night wanting milk or to come in my bed and now he just gets water in his cup and none throughout the night and when i hear him comming in my room i just say go back to be ( in the beginning i had to walk him back to bed) but we are getting thru it slowly but for surely!! let me know how its working!


mjvdec01 - January 14

BABYHOPE, I am so glad this problem is handled for you. Now you can put him to bed and actually get some studdying done. Yay!!



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