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SarahMackenziesmom - October 29

My little one is now 2 years old. She has started now, when we go somewhere like to town, or to a relatives house, after we are there for a few minutes, she tells me, over and over, "I want to go home" and will not stop until we get back home. She will even cry hard until we get home. Where ever we go, unless it is to town, she either has toys there, or we take some with us. How can I get her to enjoy going off. Neither her dad or myself, are very outgoing, but we do go. The holidays are coming up, and I would like to visit with relatives without my little one begging to go home. Any Ideas!!!!!!!!!


PaigeMeagans mommy - October 29

my oldest daughter was like that for a period of time. I would just put my foot down and tell her we are leaving when mommy and daddy are ready to leave. It eventually stopped. Pretty much a faze


in the woods - October 29

agree with PageMeagansmommy - only it's not me who really wants to go places but my daughter who is really into people, while my son is not. So I have this dilemma every time we go somewhere. The other day, this happened at a local Halloween party for kids. My daughter got all energetic in a crowd, my son (2.5) started screaming and almost hitting me midway, demanding going home, and walking towards the doors. Thankfully, food arrived and distracted his attention. So, hot dogs and cookies was a solution for us !!


Jamie - November 4

Is it possible that your relatives, etc, can come visit you instead? If going out is causing her anxiety, I would respect that, and simply not take her out. I would attempt to start transitioning her into going places slowly, by talking up the trip - start saying on Monday that we would be going to Aunt Jane's house on Friday, and we would be staying 20 minutes; throughout the week, I would compare 20 minutes to something she's familiar with - a favorite video, perhaps, or the time it takes to read 3 stories; also talk up how nice Aunt Jane is, mention something fun about Aunt Jane's house - the bouncy couch, the family dog, the pretty fish tank, the yummy cookies. Really build up the trip over a few days, with emphasis on how long the trip will last before you come home. I'd only do maybe one-two trips per week, and keep them less than an hour in length at first, and gradually increase the length of visits and the number of trips. Also, if she asks to go home, then take her home. It will cause less of a problem if she trusts that her anxiety is not being ignored.


another Karen - November 5

Hello, my daughter is 2.5 and can't say I've had this problem. I would like to suggest buying some sheets of stickers from the cheapy shop and a book. Something that she can be involved in herself until the phase pa__ses. I used to buy some on the way in to do our grocery shopping instead of shutting her up with lollies. She sat happily in the trolley in her own world putting them on my arms and on the trolley, totally oblivious of everything going on around her.


SarahMackenziesmom - November 5

Thank you for all you responses. I have a lot of aniexty issues, and was really hoping I would not rub off on my child. I try and build up where we are going, and she does get excited, but after about 20 minutes, she is ready to go home. I have tried being firm with her and telling her that we will go when mommy and daddy gets ready, but that seems to make her upset, so we have been trying to help her by only staying a while when we do go somewhere. I really don't want to start letting her take her blanket (she is very attacehd) with her, because that is something that she keeps at the house, but was wondering if I let her take the blanket, would that help ease her aniexty about strange places.


Jamie - November 6

It definitely might, and is worth a shot.


mjvdec01 - November 8

don't let her tale the whole blanket. A girl friend of mine had the same problem. She let her daughter watch as she cut off a 8 inch by 8 inch corner of the blanket and nick named it ' travel'. The kid couldn't be happier. Maybe this would work for you?


another Karen - November 8

I think that's a great idea. Family friends years ago had a little boy who was very attached to his sheepskin rug. They cut it up into pieces they called "sheeples". He took a sheeple wherever he went.



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