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jenna32 - March 31

wondering where everyone gets their kids portraits done. i always wanted too but i really didn't get too many professional ones of dd in her first year. it seems kind of expensive. i want to get them done itleast once a year. i just got the hospital one done and when they had them at the mall for easter and xmas. i really don't want to spend a lot on just pictures. I live in canada so i am pretty much limited to sears or wal mart, which is better?


Whitney - March 31

I also live in Canada, & I always take my kids to Walmart - it's sooo cheap. I don't know if the prices change from city to city, but in Winnipeg Walmart has a basic package of 1 pose for less then $10.00, & it goes up to 3 or 4 poses if you want to spend more. the most I ever spent was $64 on a 3 pose package that had so many pics I didn't even know what to do with them all. But the quality was good too, you should for sure look at Walmart, I have heard from friends that Sears can be very expensive.


Krissy25 - March 31

When i had my dd this company called Our 365 did her hospital pics and i bought some and part of that package was that they came to your house and did a photo shoot 1 month later and you got a free 8x10, of couse they want you purchase more pics and sign up for them to come at 3,6,9 and 12 months too. I bought some extra pics but did not sign up for them to come back. But the ones i got were excellent. It was so nice having it all done at home and they came back to my house to review them. Of course they are kind of expensive, but when i compare them to her pics i got done at Olan Mills it was worth the extra money. I'm thinking about calling them back to do some more. And as for Olan Mills, stay away from them. I really thought they were like this reputable place for pictures but they are awful, their employees are very rude and it is impossible to call any of their corporate numbers, they all lead to vm or they tell you there is no one to answer your call and they drop you. I will never ever go back to them again.


jenna32 - March 31

thanks, do you know if the enhancements cost more at wal mart? i want to get one "reflections" portrait,one of those "vignettes" ones and maybe a couple other sheets. Also how much is it usually for smile saver memberships?


jenna32 - March 31

actually i am not sure if it is called reflections but it had 3 pictures on it,maybe its considered a collage. I wonder if they can tell you by e-mail.


MNMOM - April 1

pictureme dot com is the website for the walmart portrait studio. Our location has a package right now for $7.99 and if you go to the website you can print a coupon for 20% off your entire order. they can make collages and can print in sepia tone or black/white etc. I have found walmart to be "hit or miss" - it all depends on how good and creative the photographer is that you get!



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