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punkin01 - January 1

Hello, My baby girl is almost 26 months and she is not interested in potty training...We have tried stickers to decorate a bear picture and that worked for about 3 trips to the potty.....food rewards (like M&M's) but she is not interested because big brother or daddy will give them to her w/o using the potty, reading a special book, but she gets books read to her all the time so a "special" book didn't mean anything.....I even bought character panties and sponge bob toilet cover (sponge bob is her favorite) and it makes the hole smaller so she don't feel like she is falling in, but still no interest......she refuses to sit on her potty chair. I tried taking diapers away and putting her in traing panties and telling her not to wet "special character" and I thought that if she did pee that it would be so cold and wet and uncomfortable she would demand to be changed but nothing she will stay wet for 20 min becuase I waited once to see.....we tried telling her babies wore diapers and big girls didn't because she will say big girl when she does other "big girl" things but when it comes to diapers she says she is a baby and will crawl up in your lap and lay down like she wants to be rocked......(Which is weird because we stopped the rocking to sleep around 1 yr to 15 months) Any suggestions for the hard to train????thanks alot Punkin (My son that is 17 yrs now was so easy to train I was a single mom and when I got up to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning he was standing up in his crib and if i left the room he was trying to crawl out so I got a potty chair at 1yr and put it in the bathroom so he could see it and I started taking him with me and I would take off his diaper and put him on it and he would sit there and play so I continued this only on my bathroom visits and before bath time and around 15 months he used it one day and I clapped and cheered but didn't force him or anything just continued and the "accidents" happened more and I would cheer and clap and tell him he pee peed and good boy....then around 18 months he grabbed hisself and scramed peepee and ran to the bathroom and he peed after that I took him often and within a week he peed all the time in the potty poo pooing took a little longer but was almost as easy.......but this approach didn't work with her I tried it..........)


cubbie - January 2

Hi, my dd is almost 3 and only just toilet trained, she was VERY hard work and still only uses the toilet at home, at my parents and EVENTUALLY at nursery where she is half day the rest of the time she holds in. When she was 26 months I had a baby so I had made the decision to wait until the baby was a few months before starting and began in the summer, well it was very unsuccessful, she would sit on the potty or child toilet seat if she didn't need to go, but if she did she wouldn't and would scream and scream until we felt so bad that we would give in and give her a diaper - she also didn't care about rewards or special books. Then I tried giving her a bowl of water to play with which worked for 2 days and she would eventually after about 1 hour of playing with the water go, but got bored of that very quickly. In September she started nursery and her nursery teacher told me not to worry as she works with all the kids who are still in diapers once they are settled in and used to being there - well my dd is very stubborn and didn't want to know so she was in diapers in the morning and I would take off the diaper when she would get home and she would hold in until nightime. Well it got to the beginning of December and she was now the only kid left in diapers so I decided to take her out of nursery for a week and work with her it was hard work but we got there... On the first day I told her that we don't have any more diapers and just underwear (I had tried the training pants, but it didn't help) so I hid the diapers and put her in pants, I didn't push the toilet because she was so used to holding in I wanted to get past that and get her to let herself go even on the floor. So in the morning she held in and by about 2pm when she couldn't hold any more she started to cry and scream and beg for a diaper and I just told her that we don't have any so she started to say that she's just a little girl and daddy needs to buy new diapers well after about 1 hour of crying and screaming she wet the floor and then did that about 7 times before bed time. Each time I just cleaned up washed her and gave her new clothes without saying anything other than that's ok next time do it in the toilet. (she kept poos in until the night when she got her diaper) Well the second day she didn't hold in as much and started to make on the floor from the morning until the evening. Then on the morning I told her that for two days she's been making on the floor, everytime I clean up without saying anything but now she has to give something in return and that is to sit on the toilet when I tell her. From the morning I made her sit for 5 mins every 15 mins so she was 5 mins on 10 mins off all morning, at the beginning she didn't want to but I made it clear that she didn't have a choice, I showed her how much watch worked and had her count the minutes until 5. After about 3 times she would sit without a problem but was holding in. At about 1pm when she couldn't hold in anymore of course she didn't want to sit but I hugged her and held her on telling her it would be ok and soon she'll be laughing at how fun it is to go to the toilet. when it started to come out she was struggling to come off the toilet begging me to let her go on the floor but I held her on and I can tell you she was so mad at herself for losing control and going in the toilet that when I said well done she started screaming at me and trying to hit me (which she never does). Then about 15 mins later I saw her starting to wriggle and took her back to the toilet, she was resistant at first but it was as if she'd lost all her strength to fight because she realized that I wasn't going to give in, so reluctantly she sat and went in the toilet and agreed that it was easier the 2nd time. That was it the third time she just went on her own and the forth and the next day she went and pooped on her own and hasn't had an accident at home since. The next step was nursery she returned after a week of no accidents and happily going at home and at my parents but refused to go even to sit there, the first week she totally held in, the second week she would have an accident at about 12ish each day but was starting to sit when she didn't need to go and then the third week she started to go. But she still won't go when we're out and just holds in until we're home. I know I've written a whole essay for you, but I hope it's helpful!


punkin01 - January 2

don't worry about it being long....I really want to hear others stories and experiences....my daughter is very stubborn and if she don't want to do something (like if you are calling her to come take a bath) and she is not ready she will ignore you ...I was wondering if she had a hearing problem and I was fussing at her for not listening to me when maybe she was having trouble hearing (this happened to my mother she spanked me for not listening and found out a week later when I was having ear problems that I was 60% deaf in my left ear and 35% in right ear she ) but she had appt with ENT and she is not having hearing problems she is stubborn......... and is just not interested in potty training.....I even tried to play off of the fact she loves to flush the toilet...so if she goes 1 or 2 she can flush but she will wait until my back is turned putting towels in cabinet or brushing my teeth or what ever I am doing while she is sitting there and reach around and flush it ......I really hope she will soon because she has had a torn up tummy this weekend and now she has a really nasty diaper rash so I am hoping that it may help her to see that diapers are bad ...but probably not


olivia - January 3

She sounds stubborn like my daughter. I was telling my dh last night that she is potty trained, she just won't use the potty! We have no clue what to do now, I guess just wait for her to make up her mind about it?


amleh - January 3

We just finished training our just turned three year old. He was so stubborn. He is my oldest and I am about to have number three and did NOT want to have 3 kids in diapers. So, after putting him in underwear and telling him not to potty in them, he ignored that and would wet himself frequently. I got tired of going through 12 changes of clothes a day so I tried a new approach. I dressed him in a long t shirt and no pants at all. After about three accidents on the floor which I made him help clean up, he was really grossed out and began taking himself to the potty. I was thrilled and left him without pants for about 3 days and then started putting him in just pants, no underwear because he thought they would work like a diaper. Finally after a couple weeks, I can put him in underwear and he tells me that we don't go potty in our underwear, we go on the toilet. He still occasionally wets the bed but I still won't use diapers at night because I am afraid he will "save up" for night time. So instead, I put him in training pants and plastic pants and put two towels on his bed so I don't have to wash blankets every time it happens.


mjvdec01 - January 4

Just show your daughter the potty and tell her that this is where big girls go and when she is ready to be a big girl to let you know. My mom used this method with both my brother and I and had us potty trained in no time. Just take the pressure off and forget about it for a while. She will go when she is ready. Your daughter will eventually get tired of wearing a diaper and want to use the potty. My daughter is 23 months and will sit on the potty for 30 minutes if you let her, but she doesn't go yet. I am just going to wait and use the no pressure approach like was used with me.


punkin01 - January 8

I haven't been putting pressure on her.....But I have been talking alot about it to her and trying rewards but nothing works.....over the weekend we made a deal to use the potty (she seen my hubby and son make a deal on a ball game and they shook on the bet ((like if so in so wins you have to wash my car/truck type thing just a fun bet)) so I was talking to her telling her that she had to use the potty to wear her princess underwear and she stuck out her hand and said deal and it was sooooo cute so i shook her hand and said deal and she called Daddy into the room and said "deal" so I shared with him our deal and he shook her hand on it too.....she did use it about 30 min after that in the potty (I was in there and she came in and was pulling at her undies so i took them off and she teeteed in the potty) but I tried taking her about every 30-45 mins after that she wouldn't go and about 2 hrs later she went in the kitchen floor...I never fussed at her we just cleaned it up and said we will try again later but still she never went....then bed time came and I put a diaper in her.....the next day she wouldnt even talk to me about it she just wanted to watch Sponge bob all day........so I am lost on what approach to take >>>I think I will try mjvdec01 approach and see if that works thanks all


punkin01 - January 10

yesterday I was getting ready to come to work and I was (excuse me for putting in way too much info here) sitting on the toilet and she ran in and started pulling at her diaper so I took it off and sat her on her potty chair and she tee teed (now I had not mentioned potty training all day) so i clapped and praised her and she ran to her room and i followed to get her clothes to dress her and she pulled open the drawer where her training pants and panties are and pulled out a pair and said big girl today .....I felt horrible because she wanted to do it and I HAD to put a diaper on her because I was leaving to go to work and couldn't risk just putting panties on her ....and taking her to work with me (I have permission from my boss to bring her until hubby gets off which is about 30 mins) Do you think this may set her back by wanting to and having a diaper put on her when she finally shows interest???


jodie - January 15

Hey Punkin01. My son is almost 26 months old too and he is just about potty trained. What seemed to work for us was everytime I had to go to the bathroom I would bring him in to "hang out" and he eventually started saying he had to pee too. I would make a big deal out of it everytime by cheering and all that other mommy stuff..haha. I would ask him all the time if he had to go and he would say no. Now he takes his clothes off goes in and pees then dumps the pee in the toilet and flushes...it's friggen hillarious. He won't poo in there. There have been quite a few times when my son has wanted to wear underwear or wander naked but I put him in a pull up and it didn't seem to deter him at all. He seems to be doing great so far. I think they just decide one day that it's time. We also have a big bribe for him going and that is when he is completely potty trained..poo and pee we will by him his "real" golf clubs he wants and a mini golf cart...lol. It's all he talks about now. Good luck on your journey!!



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