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nounou159 - March 11

Hi ladies,my daughter will be 2 years old on March 15 and i am trying to potty train her now,she can take off her pant and when she want to go she tells me popo but she totally refused to sit on the potty she screams and cry when i take her pants off she doesn't like to sit on the potty at all i tried many times with her and if she sit on the potty she wants to sit with her pants on,any one have any ideas how i can let her sit on the potty without crying...thanks


DDT - March 11

Afraid to say it means she just isn't ready yet. My ds1 is 24 months old (born Feb 17th) and I have been encouraging him for months now. Like your dd he screams and cries when I try to sit him on the potty. We have tried the big toliet and potty chair. He sits with his clothes on occasionally. I have read quite a few potty training books and one thing you can do is buy her a potty doll or use a big teddy bear. Put a diaper or pull-up on the doll/teddy and pretend it is going to the potty. You can even squirt some water or spread some poop (PB?) on the diaper for effect. Then have your lo help clean up. It shows them how "fun" the potty can be...and that it isn't scary. I will be starting this on the weekend. You can only start effectively potty training once your child is willing to sit on the potty.


DDT - March 11

To clarify make sure the teddy "pees" and poos" into the potty...not the diaper. The clean up includes the cleaning of the potty and washing of hands afterwards. Lots of praise for the teddy for doing the deed. And say, "Don't you want to go to the potty just like teddy?" ect. Also, I have read never to phrase the invitation to the potty as a question. Eg. "Do you want to go and sit on the potty?" rather make it a firm statement...something that cannot be questioned or avoided like, "It's time to go and sit on the potty." Also, this is something we have been doing for a while...bring you child with you to the bathroom when you go the the potty. Involve her and show her what happens in there. Good luck!


Shelly - March 11

I would keep trying her from time to time,but don't push her,she might just not be ready yet.


kimberly - March 12

I think ddt, has great advice. In fact when I was training my second son it was a potty elmo doll that got him to finally sit on the potty and he was easy to train after that point. I hope I am not jinxing myself by saying this but my dd is almost 19 months and she refuses to leave a diaper on so I have been potty traing for about a month now and I actually think she is going to be easy to train. She likes her potty seat and carries it around with her. She will pee on the potty but no poop yet. But, she will go get her seat and start undressing to use the potty and she usually does use it when she does this. Consistancy is the key to sucessfull training.


Wellis10 - April 17

I have been trying to potty train since my son was 18m and he has usually liked sitting on the potty until about 4 months ago he started to refuse. He would pee pee but not poo poo and I was getting frustrated with the poo, if he would just go poo he would have been trained. So, I think my frustration messed it up because 4 months ago he stopped wanting to go all together. So, I stopped too. I was too frustrated. So about a month ago we were at the store and he saw buzz lightyear and they were underwear. I told him that if I put buzz on him he had to go pee and poo in the potty. That buzz doesn't want to get poo and pee on him. He told me"no pee pee on buzz" I said that is right and if he did I would have to put a diaper back on him. He is back pee pee on the potty. We are still having issues with poo but he goes all by himself to pee. Pulls his underwear down and sits, pees, then puts them back on. But refuses to poo. I think it is going to take some time for the poo. But I have learned not to pressure him. I tell him all the time, "Don't go poo and pee on buzz,he'll be sad." and he will run to the potty to pee but not to poo. If anyone has any ideas for this that would be great.


2boys - April 20

I know a lot of people want to have their kids trained at an early age but many stats show that it's normal for kids to learn between 2 and 3 and even later. I hear of so many parents who start early and do half the work for months and months. I tried to get my ds to go at two. He showed signs but was only 75% ready so after a week I said, forget it. At 2.5 he was 85% ready, so after a week I said forget it. I was advised by an individual who works for Treehouse TV and had 6 kids to wait until he was older if I didn't want to sit there and do half the work for another year and he was right. He said both his girls and boys had no problem at 3, but no younger. My son turned 3 a few weeks ago and told me he was ready. I believe he was 100% ready because he learned to go to the toilet (our toilet with an attachment...in the past he'd only play with potty) in 2 days. It's been almost a month now and he only had two accidents in the first week. He has never wet the bed either and wears underwear to sleep, he does his business (#1 and 2) and even wipes his b___t himself, plus makes a point of washing his hands. He leaves the door open but I'm not even allowed to go in when he's busy. LOL. Also, he wakes up in the middle of the night, and goes to the bathroom on his own and then back to bed, plus holds it while shopping until we can find a bathroom (he asks)!! I think to do all of these tasks they just have to be older. Then they just do them all at once.


musicaladdie - April 25

Hello, my dd is 27 months and we have just gotten her to where she can wear panties all day except nap and night time. It's taken about a month to get here. I made a potty chart with stickers which she loved! One section was just for when she sat on the potty(just to get started) and another section for when she finally started using the potty. We also bought the Elmo Potty Time DVD which she loved and she happened to have the same potty as Elmo does in the movie. I think this encouraged her too. We have several books about using the potty too. We didn't push her but let her lead to make sure she was ready. After a few weeks of several accidents a day, she is now doing great! Good luck!



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