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chickiepoo9 - May 31

So my son is 2 and i am thinking about potty training i was just wondering when everyone started and what was the most successful! Thanks!


snugglybugglys - May 31

My oldest potty trained herself exactly at 2...I introduced the potty to her when she was like 12 months...my boys were potty trained at 2.5...I had to use potty treats with them...it was their only motivation lol such little men....my 2 y/o now is currently being potty trained, but that was all on her own too...girls are so much more determined.:)


Kathryn - June 1

My son got a potty chair for his second birthday last week. We've been working with him, but so far he doesn't show an interest in it. I'm going to wait a month or two and try again.


Brittany - June 1

I started when my son turned two. I heard you should start when they show interest in you using the potty or your child says pee or poop or understands when they are going pee or poop. My son liked sitting on the potty in the beginingbut never peed for MONTHS. He would get discouraged sometimes and cry so I made sure not to force it upon him. Everyonce in awhile (not everyday) I'd sit him on the potty and say go pee! He is over two and a half now and JUST started peeing on the potty, he is doing extremely well. You just have to remember to ask them over and over if they have to go though out the day so they remember. Every time he pees on the potty, I clap and say how proud I am. He has little accidents but I just tell him, remember for next time to go on the potty. He has gone a few nights without accidents as well. I also tried a potty video awhile back and that didn't work. It was just his own will that he decided he would start going. Just try it out everyday and if he gets discouraged, stop and start in a week, never make it a negative thing or battle, it should be fun! All kids train at different ages, you just have to be consitant with training and try different things, I'm trying not to use diapers at all so he knows he is wet, it's going really well and he is happy when he does it and sees how proud I am too!


Rabbits07 - June 1

I always started mine at age 2. One was trained within just a week and the others were all closer to 3. I used the same "technique" with all so I think it really depends on the child when it will be fully trained.


soon2bemomof3 - June 1

my dd (10 years old now) was a little over 2 years old but my other dd (she's 2 1/2 now) is a little tougher to do the job. she will sit on her potty seat and push like she's trying so hard but nothing yet except last weekend I went potty and as I got up she grabbed herself and said "uh oh, i gotta pee" so I hurried and put her on the toilet and she peed a little bit but most went into her pullup. It's tough but I have read so many things where it says that when they show signs of readiness that's when you start: ie. they know when they're going to go, they sit on the potty seat, and they have a dry diaper in the morning, etc. good luck, it's a frustrating process but it'll happen.


Laceyandsamsmamma - June 1

I am so glad you posted this question I have heard so many things. I have a dd who is 4 and she started potty training at 2 and was good but fully potty trained at 2 1/2 and we bribed her with a toy that she really really wanted but my ds OMG he just turned 2 and shows NO interest in even sittin on the potty. so he should be fun. I do want to say that pull ups seem to slow my dd down so we bought her the thick panty and the plastic cover and she potty trained in a week. Pull-ups were too much like diapers so I think that is what I am going to try with my son soon as I can get him to sit on the potty and try and oh yeah girls are way easier than boys


Jenn - June 4

we bought our son a potty chair at 18 months and he did really start having interest in it till after his 2 year b day. Now, he will be three in July and he is fully potty trained, we were putting him in diapers still at night but he wakes up dry, or gets up to pee. He pretty much potty trained himself-even pees standing up. :)


Jenn - June 4

oh- and I think pull ups are a complete waste of money. you don't get as many compared to diapers and if they are going to poop and pee in them anyways-its a waste. I'd rather take my chances on having them pee or poop their pants, honestly. That way, they know its (pee or poop) there and they realize that they should have went to the potty. Yeah, more mess to clean up-but he got it really quick!! And he loves his underwear!!!!


sahmof3 - June 5

My youngest is about to turn 2 and I'm going to see if he'll do it. My oldest son was a few months past 3 (he's autistic and considering what I've seen on the autism forum I'm on I was SUPER LUCKY!) and my dd was 2 1/2 when she was trained, but a few weeks later she decided to un-potty-train... not cool! But, she did it for good last year just before turning 3 :-) I'm looking forward to being diaper-free, but not looking forward to training another boy (as in... having to teach them to pee on the potty and then having to re-train them to stand and pee). Oh well lol the end is in sight! Hooray!!!



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