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jwhite - June 9

My dd is 22 months old and is pratically potty training herself. She has started now where she will take the diaper off once we put it on her or she won't even let us put one on her. So during the day it's fine but when she goes to go to bed she wants to take her diaper off. Does anyone have any suggestions? I really don't want to be up at night cleaning up after accidents. Please help!!


Crystal83 - June 12

My now 4 year old used to do that, except she would do it in the early morning after it got too wet and she would throw it on the floor, lol! I don;t really have a solution for you except to keep telling her she has to wear it at night. It's a phase and she'll get throught it soon. Maybe try tighter PJ's at night that make it harder for her to get the diaper off.


iemc19 - June 12

How about using pull-on pants/diaper and tell her they are 'bedtime pants for big girls....Or you go for gold and potty train her at night too and lift her a few times/limit what she drinks at night etc! Are her diapers very wet in the morning? Is she close to being ready for that as well maybe?


Jamie - July 6

Try putting her potty chair in her bedroom, and laying some towels under her in the bed, and see how she does.


docbytch - July 8

Actually if you can train them at night....it's easier. My dd started by sleeping through the night without any accidents. She was potty trained by 18 mos.


^lucy^ - July 8

hi jwhite... ur dd is just like mine!! my dd is now 25 months old but she gave me such a hard time when she was ur dd's age when it was time to change..she would never lay down to get changed and HATED diapers...i had to potty train her and she was completely trained in 10 days day and night..its hard and u have to be sooo patient i wonder where i got mine from lol :p but if ur willing to, go for it and try to train her now especially that she shows some signs.. oh my dd was trained by 22 months..it really depends on the child. mu SIL has twin girls who are 6 days younger than my dd and they are no where close to being trained..they dont mind a poopy diaper forever and still poop at night while sleeping!! good luck :)



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