Potty Training

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guccigal87 - December 3

ok girls, my son is 22 months and he is a big boy! hes three feet tall and 38 lbs... anyways the size 6 diapers are getting small and he just isnt ready for the potty, he knows what it is and that you go in it and sometimes i even catch him sitting on it with a book to take a shit! LOL just like his father! anyways if the diaper is off he wont use it but i dont know how much longer he can fit in the diapers for! does anyone know of any brands with a bigger size or should i just work harder at the potty


joeysmom - December 3

honestly, if it were me, I would wait a little bit longer. Especially with a boy. My son has beeeen so annoying at potty training that I'm thinking about keeping my second and soon to be third in diapers forever :o). My son turning three next week and still won't go poop on the toilet, he is totally potty trained but not pooped trained and the doc has told me that it's totally common and that when I started training him it was still kind of early so I would def. wait. But, if you think he is ready and you want to start trying then that's up to. I hope this helps!! and GOOD LUCK, b/c potty training SUCK!!! At least for me, some people have it easier. Hopefully you get lucky!!!


joeysmom - December 3

Also, I have seen size 7 diapers at Target and if they aren't in the store you can order them online.


in the woods - December 4

My son was big, too, for his age (still is), at around 20 months the last diaper size was coming undone when he was active or bending. So we switched to pull-ups. Had to buy size 3-4 pull-ups right away (Huggies were the best, though we had used generic diapers). He had these pull-ups (which I tore apart at the sides while he was laying down, just like diapers) until 26 months old, when we started potty training cold turkey. Pull-ups were a bit more expensive, but not that much, since he was holding for longer intervals than a baby. I did try to train him at 18 months, and he had no interest or discomfort running naked for 2 weeks, so I put it off for later. If I had a baby again I'd use cloth diapers where you can sew any size you want (the environmental thinking kicked in since), you may want to try them. On the side note, if you want to have a peek into the future - my son is a month shy of his 4th birthday, and wearing size 6 sweaters and pants (I have to shorten the legs though). Shirts are still size 5. I had those nice preppy shirts bought long ago for school, size 5, have to sell now - he's 3, still a toddler in his mind, no way he'd be comfortable in those plaid brand name shirts, though they are his size right now. A different set of problems with big boys :)


guccigal87 - December 4

hmm maybe i will look at target, i live in canada but right beside the border so i do a lot of my shopping down there... thnx for the help! omg i know about the whole big boys big clothes already! he barely has pjs that fit and are still cute i cant beleive it! i know i had a big boy and everyone who picks him up are like holy he isnt even 2 yet! HAHA i hope i dont end up on maury with the giant babies! the thing is he isnt fat just really solid. If i dont find size 6 ill try pull up at least he will be happy with the picture on them!



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