Preschool Blues

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amber508 - January 30

My 3 yr old wants badly to go to preschool... She says "I'm sorry mommy but I need to go to school, I need to write my name" it's so cute but it breaks my heart to think I am losing her already... any ideas on how to get over the preschool blues


in the woods - January 30

One way is to actually get her into a pre-school program, the one that runs a couple of hours a couple of days a week or so. She will see what it really is like to be on her own with other kids, and you will see that other moms are in the same boat. My 3 and 4 year olds go to such 4-hours a week pre-school and they like it.


cubbie - February 3

My dd is 3 and started pre-school in Sept when she was 2.7 she goes half day only and at the beginning it was really hard for me, but we both needed it, she really needed to be around other kids more and I was also with a 5 month old baby and felt that with her at home all the time I wasn't able to give either kids what they needed. The first couple of weeks I just kept looking at my watch thinking "now it's circle time" or "now she's eating her sandwiches" etc I would be the first mom there early everyday to collect her, but then I got used to it and saw that she really developed as a person having her own place away from home a few hours a day, she loves going there and being with other kids and having friends but she also loves to come home and really enjoys the weekends whereas before she was getting bored and frustrated at home. I don't feel that our relationship has shifted, but I do really appreciate the time that I have with her in the afternoons without having the same pressure to stimulate her with new activities, she's just happy to play with her toys now and she is a lot better with her sister as she misses her in the morning.


cindy120175 - February 5

I really don't understand why there are "blues". My son is 3 and has been in daycare since he was 6 weeks old because myself and my ex husband had to work. He loves it. It has been great for him. He interacts with kids all day. He learned to talk very well. He was off the bottle at 11 months and he was kept busy all day. Even on days I get off of work for a holiday or something, I send him to school because it is part of his regular routine. I think it will help when kindergarden comes around because he won't have that separation problem. So I think sending the child to pre school is a GREAT idea!!!!



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