Putting Themselves To Sleep

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ninerhere - October 28

My 20 month old is not a good sleeper, never has been. I know this has been brought up a million times before, but please listen. She does not put herself to sleep, I rock her to sleep then lay her down. She wakes up during the night and will only go back to sleep if I am right next to her. Does anybody have any successful method ideas to teach them to fall asleep on thier own at this age. I am not completely against CIO, because we did use it when she was younger (11months) and it did work for a while. The difference now though is she is older and no longer in a crib. We got her a "big girl bed" thinking it may help. Has anybody done CIO with a toddler and in a big bed? Does anybody have any other suggestions besides CIO? We have the bedtime routine thing going so I know that isn't the problem. I know she just has to learn to fall asleep by herself. Any advice woud be appreciated.


Missy - October 28

I am in your boat - she wont fall asleep unless she is in our bed laying with at least one of us....Hopefully we can get suggestions! (BTW My DD is 2 now)


meg - October 28

My ds (13 months) has never been a good sleeper either. However, he is (finally) pretty good at the going to bed part! He was always one who wanted to be rocked to sleep as well. Eventually I started putting him in his crib awake & would sit on the floor w/ my hand in the crib until he would fall asleep. Sometimes he would fuss a bit, but he never got too worked up. Eventually, it got to the point where I could put him in his bed & leave the room. Sometimes he'll fuss for 2-3 minutes, but then he's fine. With another one on the way, we are really hoping that we can get him to sleep all night...God help me if I am up with two babies! :-) I just think that I was not meant to sleep! Good luck!


Jmom - October 28

Does your child have a comfort toy> Lovie, blankie, paci? something? how about noise in the room like white noise or a humidifier? My son has all of those things and LOVES his bed (crib). He is good sleeper- not to rub it in....


PaigeMeagans mommy - October 29

well when we switched our middle daughter to her toddler bed, we had to close the door. Only way to get her in to stay in there. Now she is fine. My oldest daughter....she co slept with us for 3 years, so we moved her bed into our room...got her used to it for about 2 weeks and moved her bed back into her room. Never a problem after that day. My son who is 7 months.....he learned how to fall asleep from the get go


mommabear - November 3

When we switched my daughter to a toodler bed, we had to close the door on her for a while too. At first she would stand by the door and cry but I would put her back in bed using the Ferber method, and it worked after a couple of nights, now she's comfortable going to sleep on her own with the door closed (we have a video monitor so we can see her anytime we need rea__surance that she's ok). Also a completely predictable bedtime routine helps. Every now and then my daughter would "fall off the wagon" and wake up at times once too often or too early in the morning, but I've found the key to be just not rushing in to her room, because it often stimulates her to waking up even more. Goodluck.


Nita_ - November 16

I have a 16 month old and she is not a good sleeper either! **mommabear**--i like what you said about not rushing in....i think I might just try that. But now that she's older, she's getting into the stage of temper tantrums...I really hope she falls asleep on her own soon!



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