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kimberly - September 10

How much whole milk was your 12.5 month olds getting a day. My dd is completely off the bottle now and still don't like whole milk. I offer it at every meal and once in the morning and once before bed but she barely drinks any. I find myself dumping most of it out because it just gets warm. I would say she has about 10 oz. a day and that is it! I guess I will have to result to chocolate syrup or something. Any suggestions??


newbaby2009 - September 10

I would say my dd drinks about 35oz a day. She gets a full sippy 3 times a day. Shes 14 months old, and has been drinking that much since we first switched her at 12 months. You can try flavored syrup and see if that helps. My dds doc said that was perfectly fine to do if she had any problems. Thankfully she didnt.


countrymom401 - September 10

My lo didn't like his milk cold till he was about 14months old. He would drink it if it was room temperature but not if it just came out of the fridge.He was never on a bottle. But you warmed up her formula so maybe she likes a warm drink. If you are scared that she is not getting enough milk you can always try to compensate. Make her cereal with milk instead of water. Yogurt and cheese are also good. I would try other things before adding syrup to it. And also some days my lo drinks alot of milk and others hardly any.He is 18 months now.


MelissaK - September 10

My LO s 12 months old and she gets a morning and evening bottle of formula (for Toddlers, the Similac Good Start) and whole milk at 11 am and 3 pm. She drinks mabye 16 oz milk and 16 oz formula. I also give her milk at meal times and she sips that, to wash down the food.


javidsgirl - September 10

i found this organic syrup at my grocery store it is made with nature fruit and has no added surgar it is made by organichorizon


javidsgirl - September 10

they also sell organic gummy bears with no added surgar great for potty training :)


kimberly - September 10

Thanks ladies! I know she just isn't drinking enough. Tanya, I will have to look for that. So she is getting about half or less of what your babies are getting....guess I will have to try something in her milk.


britt_m - September 10

My dd drinks less than that even. Never would take formula (bf) and only a few sips of milk with added strawberry or occationally choc syrup in it. I have switched to carnation instant breakfast mix, its just a flavored powder, vanilla, choc, strawberry with added vitamins and minerals. She seems to be drinking more now but still not much. You just want to make sure your dd is getting the nutrients she would be getting from milk from some other source. You can do yogurt, cottage cheese, string cheese, pudding (banana seems to be her fav), use milk in oatmeal, mashed potatoes. Just add it in when you can, if your that worried ask the pedi about a multivitamin. I would try the carnation instant breakfast, I open a pack and only use enough to flavor it, maybe a little more than a tablespoon for 4 ounces and if she doesn't like it I'll add a touch more. The mix actually says a cup of milk per pouch but I think thats a bit much. She usually doesn't even finish a 4 ounce cup in the morning but does at night and won't drink it at any other time, I always give it to her before she eats in the morning and after she eats, right before bed at night.


kimberly - September 11

Instant breakfast is a good idea. I do give her yogurt alot and she likes cheese cut up into pieces.


DDT - September 11

At 12 months my ds was probably drinking about 18-21oz a day....3 sippy cups a day. I thin if you are maing sure she gets yogurt & cheese daily then it isn't such a big deal. Have you tried different sippy cups?


squished - September 11

We just asked about this and the doc said aim for 3 cups a day, about 24 ozs. And that includes milk you use for oatmeal or cereal. He said any more than that and you could be taking away from the room that they have for regular food. If some days it's more or less, fine, just try and aim for around that. Some days my 14 mo will chug tons of milk and others he'd rather wear it than drink it :)


kimberly - September 11

I have tried different sippy cups, she likes the Nuby and pretty much nothing else.


Justine1 - September 11

I think mine had about 20oz to 28oz of milk each day at that age. I was told by my health visitor that I needed to give them around 20oz of milk a day but includes include milk on cereal so we did 1 9oz milk in the morning, cereal with milk and 1 9oz milk in the evening - that got the 20oz but both mine love milk so they'ld have one more too often. Sometimes they'll only take it warm, sometimes cold.


wailing - September 15

My ds will only drink milk if it's warm. So we put a mug of it in the microwave for 40 seconds and he gulps it down. You could try Ovaltine instead of choclate syrup if u want a healthy alternative, but I would ask ur dr first since it has alot of vitamins. Not sure if it's too much for tots


krc - September 22

My son is 2 and he's never, ever had cow's milk or formula( i say that because some people mix it with milk. He's healthy as a horse too. His dad gave him some chocolate milk yesterday when I wasn't around and this morning he had a nasty diaper.



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