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Cathy2 - August 17

HI, I read in one of the posts that you have done infant potty does that work...can you refer me to any book, websites etc?


britt_m - August 17

Hi yea the website I found most straight forward was I started a little later than what some of the sites recommend. She was 6 months. Some say up to 5 months is ideal or if you'd like to do it any later to follow a late-starter type method. I didn't have any problems though. Shes now 14 months and in pullups and does awesome. She still has accidents but not very often and rarely ever poos in her diaper. She did this past week right after I took her potty and she started flipping out and bouncing up and down. As she just went pee I didn't think anything of it, poor thing, haha. But starting out, you get to know when they're most likely to go potty like right after a bottle or every 25-30 minutes or so. You can do this by just observing very often or letting them play naked on a blanket or something, some even use cloth diapers with no cover or a sling. I did that for two days and wrote down the time and last time she had milk. On the third day I sat her on the potty immediately after waking and having milk and waited until she went (about 5 minutes) as she went I made a "Ssss" sound. Then took her every 15-20 minutes or right after she had milk and made the noise as she peed. It didn't take her long to a__sosiate the Sss noise with peeing and eventually after a day or two she went when I made the noise on que. Thats how we started, I hope you find a method that works for you! I know we've saved a lot on diapers (we also use cloth part time.) I tried switching to just underwear at 12 months as she does good, but it seems she had more accidents for some reason. After this little boy is born I think we'll try just underwear again she'll be 16-17 months.



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