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jwhite - May 20

My dd is 22 months old and she has had this rash on her belly is where it started so I put calamine lotion on it thinking it's just a heat rash, well it has been 2 weeks now just about and it is spreading to her chest under her arms and down the tops of her thighs. She does not act like it itches or bothers her but it bothers me. It did look this morning that it is getting better but it doesn't look bad until you look at it in the sunlight. Any ideas or should I just take her to the doctor?


guccigal87 - May 20

my ds got one of those too.. i took him to the doctor but his was up his back and legs... he gave me some cream that i put on once a day and it was gone within two days.. if it really bugs you i dont think it would hurt to take her for a checkup


jwhite - May 22

WellI took her to the dr and he says she has eczema, i don't believe that cause it's not crusty looking and it keeps spreading, eczema does not spread I don't think. It's just a red, blotchy rash al over her abdomen, chest, under her arms down her pubic area to the upper part of her thighs. I am putting hydrocortizone on it like the dr said to do but I think it is making it worse. I think I might also quit giving her zyrtec for a while until the rash goes away cause I am wondering if it is causing the rash. I might give her some benadryl tomorrow night and see how she does. I just hate to give her benadryl cause she has a hard time sleeping when I give it to her. So we'll see. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please tell me..


Seredetia - June 7

Try petroleum jelly. My daughter had a bad rash that looked like chicken pox (it wasn't...) or measles (wasn't that either). By using petroleum jelly it went away within a few days. She has super sensitive skin and I think the reason she got the rash is that we washed her sheets in regular detergent instead of the baby detergent.


KimS - June 8

I use vasoline too, my ds has VERY sensitive skin and your dd's rash sounds like my sons, I call it more dry skin than excema... I put petroleum jelly on thick, about 2 min after his bath for about 3 days and it dries up, when ever I see the rash starting I put it on right away and it's gone in the morning.



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