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Ashleyg - March 8

anyone have any experience with reactive airway disease? My son started daycare in january and has been constantly sick (he is about 18 months old)...first it was an upper respiratory infection, then pnuemonia (he was in the hospital for a week with that), then the flu, then a sinus infection. the last time we went to the doc, she said that a couple of red flags for asthma were coughing at night and weezing when he is sick...he is on two different meds now through a nebulizer...just wondering if anyone could shed some light...


Bridget - March 8

My son wheezes when he's sick and sometimes out of the blue. We use an Albuterol inhaler on him with the mouthpiece thing (meant for babies/toddlers, it's a rubber "mask" that goes over the nose and mouth and the inhalant goes in tube so the child gets more in their lungs instead of their mouth/tongue) We found a lot of relief for him (and us, less night coughing) when we got a decent air ionizer for his bedroom to get rid of the dust and a lot of the particles in the air. Also, if your son comes in contact with any smokers, the residuals on their clothes (if they just smoked a cigarette, even outdoors) can get the lungs inflamed,so they should wear a "smoking jacket" when they go outside and leave it out there.Also all kinds of scented products like perfume and aftershave and many lotions and clothes detergents can get lungs and sinuses inflamed, then they start running and then are primed for a cold or asthma. My son has made our house a smell free zone and we had to get rid of our cats. Some food allergies can get the histamines going too so if you haven't already, get him tested for food allergies. My son is allergic to wheat,eggs,soy(which they put in EVERYTHING!) and peanuts, with a mild allergy to milk.He also has eczema, which is often tied to asthma. I hope I helped and didn't just tell you stuff you already know. Let us know how your son is doing.


olivia - March 11

Hey ashleyg. my son has been sick all winter and is now wheezing. he has had hives since 2 months and they keep saying maybe asthma but nobody has answers. it is frustrating and we are exhausted. for the past few days he is on albuterol nebulizer every 4 hours with no (or minimal) improvement. He is supposedly seeing some of the best doctors out there but I am feeling lost and thinking maybe the best doctors are busy doing other things. I wish we had answers! Charlie is 14 months and his chest xray shows lung inflammation. He has humidifiers in his room as well as one of those salt rock lamps (from my mil) and we don't have any pets. We are doing albuterol every 4-6 hours and I am sort of freaked out. All his blood work has been negative for wheat, milk, eggs, etc. I have no light to shed but if anyone had answers out there please share.


Bridget - March 12

The things that come to mind that you haven't mentioned are as follows: ANY scented products can be very irritating to little lungs and can cause hives too, esp. your perfume or your husband's cologne, even clothes soap, Ajax, bleach and any scented candles or the Febreeze type junk, all bad. What do you and/or your husband do for a living? Anything to do with chemicals or solvents? My dh is a carpenter and will sometimes just change clothes when he gets home before he touches our son.I sometimes work with lead and then my clothes get washed separately.Also, mold can be where you might not realize. It can creep/seep up into the outside of your house and find it's way into closets and such. I had a pair of boots ruined that were in my closet and they'd gotten molded. We live in a nice but OLD house and that stuff can happen.Dust even a little if they have an allergy. OMG, I just thought of something I'd read somewhere. You may already do this, but check your humidifiers for mold. And even if they seem ok, try going without them for 2-3 nights. Sometimes things that seem to make no sense can work. We have an air ionizer in my son's room and it helped cut down the night cough. But a few weeks ago, the cough came back, not real bad but still. We turned off the ionizer for a week and it slowed and stopped. Then we ran it again and all is good. Also, technically speaking, isn't dry air good for asthma sometimes. Maybe give the humidifiers a break? I hear you about the doctors. You can tell the ones who give a dang and the ones who are looking through you, thinking about what they'll have for dinner. I know they have a degree but nobody knows our kids better than us. I had a serious battle with 3 doctors when our son was 4 months old and had eczema everywhere and couldn't sleep. I finally found one who knew what she was doing and cared too. Please let us know, both moms, how things go.


olivia - March 12

I called the doctor again because the albuterol really isn't doing a thing. The secretary said she could just call in the prednisone.... I don't get why nobody doesn't get the fact that this is pretty scary for us. Maybe we'll get somewhere today. He has tested negative for any allergies. My husband and I work at home on the computer so we aren't brining anything in. We moved when Charlie was 3 months and the hives were before and after we moved. The house isn't too dusty but I am definitely not a cleaning fanatic. His room has a crib, rocking chair, and a throw rug. I am going to take the chair out and maybe the throw rug. I had put an anti-bacterial/ mold treatment in the humidifiers last week to kill anything but I can try just taking them out of there. They help so much with my daughter I had to bribe her to let him use them! His lead level was 4 so that wasn't too bad. I am exposed to it sometimes but always wash my clothes separate and shower before going near the kids. I don't wear any perfume and dh no cologne. He has a beard so he doesn't even use aftershave. We use ivory soap and are pretty bare bones basic in the grooming department. Well, I am still frustrated. Lets hope the prednisone helps if they put him on it today.


Bridget - March 12

God, you really have thought of it all. I hope the prednisone works. It is so scary and I think medical staff maybe get immune to scared parents, which is no excuse for being callous or rushed. Some could use a semester of sensitivity training or something. Where are your son's hives? My ds is allergic to peanuts(not severely, a 3 on the 0-6 scale). One night, while I was bathing him, my dh was eating peanuts and came in to lift our son out of the bath. A minute later, where my husband's thumb was when he'd lifted him out of the tub(on my ds pectoral/shoulder area)was a big oval filled with vaying sized hives,like a mixed bag of mosquito bites. It was so weird! We wiped him off there and put Mometasone on(a great eczema cream,steroidal and we use it only for flare-ups now)and it had vanished in the AM. Don't know if this will help you, just figured I'd share a hive story. Good luck with the prednisone AND the doctors.


olivia - March 12

He has hives on his back, chest, stomach and legs pretty much every day since he was 1 month old. In the beginning my husband and I just joked that we had mites because they looked like little mite bites or something. I wasn't really thinking about them because the dr had already said he is just a "rashy baby". By his 6 month appointment I mentioned the bites and showed the pediatrician and he suspected they were hives. He was only b___st fed at this point so we could have done a work up for milk, eggs, wheat but we decided to hold off since he was a happy baby, sleeps well, not restless or itchy seeming. By his 9 month check we thinking we'd get the blood work done but had moved and were switching pediatricians and it was a mess finding a new one. His one year mark we had the blood work done and added celiacs since my niece has that. Everything was negative. We were referred to an asthma allergy specialist who saw charlie and said he wasn't concerned and we'd just keep an eye on him. and now three months later, the wheezing began. i have to go b/c my 2 yr old is needing some love..


Bridget - March 12

Olivia,just thought of something that could maybe help. I use almost no soap on my son. Only Cetaphil (it's non-comodogenic, in english:non-pore clogging)cleanser 1-2 times a week,even on his hair. I only use Johnson's Lavender Baby shampoo every other week or so, only a teeny bit, if he's been sweating. For many months after the eczema fiasco, we used none at all. Just figured I'd share. :)


Ashleyg - March 12

there are probably a lot of those things that you mentioned that we could tweak at our house and see if there is any difference but it is just so strange to me that Mason has suddenly develop a problem. My hubby and i do smoke (i know, shame on us!), but we dont smoke in the house or cars ever or ever around the baby. we do go outside and i used to have a "smoking jacket" until people told me i was crazy so i dont do that anymore. we have 2 dogs and 2 cats, both wear scenty stuff but the only prob mason ever had was that he was allergic to pampers cruisers. not swaddlers, just cruisers. now we have him in huggies. they have not really done any blood work yet and i get the impression they are treating him for athsma and seeing if it helps. he was on the albuterol in the nebulizer for a week, 4x a day. now he is just on pulmicort (nebulizer med) once in the evening and singulair chewable one in the evening, both for 3 months. he did start daycare in january, and had a touch of a cold then. what i am hoping is that it is not athsma but just that he needs time to build immunitys so he is picking up everything from every kid a school. it would just be so nice for him to not be sick, even for a couple of just breaks my heart to see all the snot and hear the cough, etc.



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