Refusing To Eat Isn T He Starving

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krc - December 4

Okay, Ethan is 16 months and is going thru the typical phase of refusing to eat, tossing it over the side, spitting it back out, crying, or mad because I wont give him the spoon. So what do I do? Should I prepare meals where he can self feed? I did that once and he threw ALL of it on the floor. Sometimes I'm lucky to get 2 bites in his mouth. Won't he be hungry? Can they really skip meals and be okay?


Mamabear - December 4

Ok, I went through this (a little earlier though) with my son. Just get some baby utensils, and let him hold those while you spoon feed him. He's looking to be a little more independant at this age. Its only normal. Just be sure to keep extra baby friendly utensils on the side (incase he flings them across the room - it could happen.) I found that once i did this for my son, he was just so thrilled to be holding what Mommy and Daddy hold, that I could get so much food into him. You might want to try this. You can also get "dippers". they are little corn holders, except, no metal sticks on the end - just rounded plastic - like a fork / spoon, but all one piece. Anyway, we used these to teach our son how to eat yogurt by himself. He's gotten very good at aiming at his food, and can now use his baby fork to stab and eat any food we put on his tray. (and he is 18 months). Good luck!!!!!


Mamabear - December 4

I meant to say that the little "dippers" are LIKE corn holders - not that they ARE corn holders. Look for them in Babies R us, or Target.


in the woods - December 8

My dd didn't eat (well, ate morsels only) between 2 and 3 years old. I think she only added 5 lbs over that whole year. I'd read that there is time when they are too busy exploring the world so I tried not to worry too much. She started eating well after 3. Now my son is dropping his appet_te, at almost 3. His time has come, I guess. There definitely is a period of lower intake, and that's normal.



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