Relation Of Potty Training And Talking

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Fatima - April 30

My lo is 23 months and he still doesnt talk! He understands what I tell him but he doesnt want to say anything... He sort of says bless you when somebody sneezes but only we know he says it and also thank you. Sometimes mom and thats it. So I was wondering, I want to start potty training him, but if he doesnt talk, would it work out? Like, maybe he wont tell me he has to go or something like that. Was anybody able to potty train without their lo talking?


bean - April 30

Do you sign with him? I would suggest starting with sign language. I have a few friends who have to take their little ones to speech therapy and they all start with sign language as well. Regarding potty training, my dd trained very early on (14 months) and we simply used the sign for toilet. It's a great one to learn, because you can ask him if he has to go in public without saying a word. As for talking in general, do you talk a lot to him, read to him, limit tv or electronic toy time, etc etc? Does he get frustrated that he can't communicate, or is he just an easy laid back kid?


Fatima - April 30

I think he gets shy, because whenever he would say a word we would praise him and then he would get all timid and not say it again. You know, Im not much of a talker either, Im a very serious person, maybe that is it, my mom takes care of him and also isnt very communicative. Im thinking of putting him in daycare and I think that would help.


eclipse - May 2

Also, have you had his ears checked? My son had recurrent ear infections and didn't talk much but then got tubes in his ears and his speech skyrocketed overnight. And daycare has helped his speech as well, he comes home with new phrases all the time! Good luck.


bean - May 2

Ah - so no worries on the talking thing. He's just following your lead, or your mom's. I wouldn't put him in daycare, but maybe try playgroups, library storytime, and other free things where he can see others, interact with other kids, and see how much others talk. I bet his speech will improve drastically. At the same time, make sure you two make time every day to talk about your days, read stories, talk about what you're doing (esp when cooking, folding laundry, etc). As for the potty thing, I really think you should go ahead with it. He'll let you know when he was to go, whether it's with running to the bathroom, using a sign, grabbing his pants, or speaking the words.


Fatima - May 4

Thank you so much for the advices! =)



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