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jennyr - December 14

My dd will be 2 on the 28th of Dec. She is driving me nuts. She doesn't listen, she won't eat, and she is having temper tantrums all the time. I know her molers are coming in but oh my god what happened to my little girl. She turned into a HOLY TERROR! Seriously she is getting out of control. How do I stop it? Please help before I end up in the looney bin! Ha Ha


another Karen - December 14

Hello I don't know where you live and if you have the same products available to us but there is these tablets. They are a homeopathic remedy called 'teething relief' and I find them in the chemist next to the bonjela. I never would have tried them, it was only that a friend swears by them that I gave them a go. They are terrific and just melt when they hit the saliva, no rubbing in like bonjela. I have a bottle in the house all the time. Another friend thought they were for toothaches as he was given them once and found they worked. Then I guess you can deal with the not listening part, I think just get down at her level, in her face and speak clearly to her.


in the woods - December 17

Three things: try to hold on to the thought that - it SHALL pa__s (by 3 - 3.5); choose your battles - those that are unimportant, the best treatment is ignoring it. They know that it's not fun having tantrum with no lookers. For those battles that you do choose to have - remember that the child is testing your limits. You have to show that there in fact are limits - by being firm.


cubbie - December 17

Welcome to the wonderful world of the "twos"! My advice is to take one thing at a time even if each issue takes a month, be firm and strong and show that you're not moving, (I don't know your battles, so I'm taking situations that I've had) say she doesn't eat her meal let her leave the table without making a fuss but leaving the plate, but after 20 minutes when she wants a cookie say no you can't have a cookie because you didn't eat your lunch, if you're hungry eat your lunch. And again leave it, if she tantrums ignore and even go out of the room but let her see that she gets zero response to the tantrum, and that you're not giving attention to the bad behavior. Do this every meal until she learns that if she doesn't eat she'll be hungry not get the junk that she wants, when she does eat at the end say good girl for eating, do you want a cookie now? Don't use the cookie as a bribe, only offer it when you feel she's already done something to deserve it, so it's a suprise treat. Sorry I know I'm rambling on, but hopefully a bit helpful too!


mjvdec01 - December 18

In addition to what the other mothers posted, two years old is the perfect time to inst_tute 'time-outs'. Chose a corner that you can block easily. when her behavior is unacceptable give her a warning, something like, "mommy doesn't like it when you ______ , if you do that again you are going to time out". Then if she demonstrates the behavior again you tell her what she did wrong and take her to the corner. She doesn't have to face the wall, just put her there and then sit blocking the corner and pur your lega out so she can't pa__s. Since she is two, she has to stay there for two minutes. She will probably scream the whole time but that is okay. Don't make eye contact with her just look away and if ahe tries to come toward you just put you r hand out to hold her back. Don't talk to her, that is what she wants. When the two minutes is up tell her she can come out of time out and give her a hug IF she will come to you. Make sure that you always tell her again why she was in time out and that you know she can be a big girl and listen to you. Be sure you are picking your battles, don't use this for every little thing. And especially don't use it for punnishment at meal times it will make meals worse. I started using time out when my daughter was 19 months and let me tell you, she understands and doesn't want to go there. At first she would scream through the whole thing. Mow she cries for about the first 30 seconds and then she says, "okay, okay... okay, okay". I think it is her way of accepting her punnishment. She is definitely pushing her limits and if you don't do something about it, it will only get worse. It sucks, but it is true. Good luck, let me know how it goes.



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