Should I Be Worried About His Weight Gain

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DDT - November 15

My ds1 (21 months old) and I did a weigh in today and he came in at 24lbs even. Looking back at his growth chart he weighed in at 23lbs even at his 12 month checkup. During his 1st year he was always in the 75th percentile for weight. Now in his 2nd year so far he has dropped down to the 10-25th percentile. Is this normal? should I be more worried and contact my family doc about this? Some months he even loses weight (eg. last month he weighed 24.4lbs). He is eating fairly well but of course there are some battles at the table and some days eats very little because of this. I make sure to give him Pediasure on days like this. I don't know what else to do to get him gaining more weight. He is a very picky eater.


starlight_94 - November 15

My ds is also in a lower percentile for weight gain, but in %100 for height. He is very thin at 21 months, weighing in at 30 lbs. He is 36 inches tall. I was worried that he wasnt eating enough, and he has not taken well to milk in a cup so that worried me too, My sons dr( which I have see 3x in the last month says that all kids grow differently. Yours may just be in a slump and go through a growth spurt at around 24months like most do. As long as he is getting enough nutrition then dont worry much, Im sure he is fine.


in the woods - November 16

My daughter was a very slow weight-gainer between 1 and 3, literally gaining a couple of pounds a year. She was moving a lot, thought, too, her interests were always more important to her than food. She was barely making 50% percentile for girls, and she pretty much is doing the same now at 5.5 - barely making 50% by weight, and a good 50% in height. Some kids are like this. There are growth charts on About dot com, from 0 to 36 months, and from 2 to 20. I looked and I was very light when I was a girl - I remember for some reason how much I weighed when I was 11 years old and that const_tutes about 30% on this modern chart. Kids weiged something like 50 lbs at 7 years old when I was little and so I just a__sume that my daughter has taken after me. My son has taken after his dad so I also don't worry (his weight is off the charts in weight, he's not fat, just heavy boned and muscualr build). Those charts are average, and really kids can develop at various rates. As long as your son is happy and is not exhibiting some sickness like anemia or malnutrition, that might just be his rate. Also it would be nice to know how big-small-thin his father was when he was a boy, that may clear up the mystery.


Seredetia - November 18

More important than the actual weight gain/loss is consistancy. Check with your pediatrician and they should have some sort of graph chart they can make up for his growth curve. My daughter is a skinny minny and is always just under the 5% mark. She's been this way since birth and is perfectly healthy. ;) Every child will be different!


DDT - November 19

Thanks for your input ladies. I am not really worried because he is active and acts and looks very healthy. It is just such a change for me because I am so used to all the chubby rolls he used to have as a baby. He is just getting so skinny. The reason I was a little concerned was the big discrepancy in his percentile. I thought they are supposed to maintain their curve. And being that he was in the 75th and is now in the 10-25th I though it could be a sign of a problem. I go and visit with my family doc in 3 weeks so I will mention it to him then and see what he has to say about it. Thanks again!


Seredetia - November 22

It could be an issue, but I would look at his growth curve (something they can make on a graph) and see if it follows the "norm." Even if the percentages are off, the curve could still be in line. :) I'm sure everything will be okay! Chin up!


DDT - December 5

Just a update: We went to see my family doc today and he agreed that it is slightly concerning that Caden went from the 75th to the 10th percentile. He wants to see him in another 3 months for a full physical. Doc said he may just be plateau-ing with his weigh gain already (usually happens later for most toddlers).


Seredetia - December 6

Good luck. I hope it's nothing more than a plateau. My daughter's always been so so small and below 5% for weight (25-50% for height & 50% for head circ. lol --big head), so I've never had to really worry about her suddenly dropping or accelerating. At 75%, though, he's a big boy! Very possible that he's just slowing down naturally. :) Best to you.



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