Signs To Potty Train

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jenna32 - March 12

what are the signs you should potty train? dd keeps holding her diaper a lot,she is 15 months and doesn't talk too much yet. my mom said we were all potty trained by 2, so i am wondering if she could be a early one to. she seems to be afraid when i use the potty seat on the real toilet and try to put her on. So i am wondering if i should get one of those little ones afterall. i figured just the toilet seat ones for the toiler would be cleaner.


tish212 - March 18

Jenna, I was wondering the same thing! DD is also 15 months, but she likes to mock me when I go to the bathroom, she sits down on something and pretends to pee... so i have been wondering. She also now seems to stop and sometimes squat when she pees in her diaper... like she KNOWS that she is going... so it is making me curious if she is ready now. We have bought a potty chair though ( cuz our toilet is too tall for her) but we haven't shown it to her because I didn't know if it was too soon....but like you my mother also told me I was potty trained by two. So I am wondering myself... (we are also using the potty chair because it is smaller and she seems to love having her own version of everything we have- she has her own child size chair and couch and loves those so we figured her own toilet would go over well) I hope someone answers this post though with what the signs are, because I too dont want to miss them....


kimberly - March 19

My dd is 19 months and I started training her last month because she was pulling her diaper off constantly, even through onsies. I don't know if it was a sign or what but she just refused to wear one. She is doing really well with it but has only pooped twice on it so we'll see. With my sons, I don't think they ever really showed me a sign so eventually I had to just start training because I figured if I didn't they would never learn. I think when they are showing an intrest in the potty, like when you go and stuff, it is time. I also think if they can tell you I pooped or peed then they are ready or like with your dd she will sqaut when she pees, she is getting ready. 15 months is a little young, I started around the 18 month mark with all of mine, but it wouldn't hurt to start introducing it, just don't expect it to happen right away. Also if you find they like to play with thier poop or act as though it realy bothers them to have a poopy diaper, it is time.


jenna32 - March 19

same here tish, i take her in the bathroom with me and she will pa__s me the toilet paper or rip it off and want to flush the toilet then expects me to lift her to wash her hands and dry them to. She loves taking off the couch cushions and just sitting there without them because it's more her size to get up there i guess. I think i will try one of the little pottys. i just don't know if she will actually use it or not. She tends to know and want what other people are useing not "baby" things.For example she goes to play with the controls, you give her an old one with no batteries that doesn't work and she will still go after the real ones and same with phones,she just looves going after the real phone pressing b___tons and she puts it to her ear and babbles ( she can only say a few words so far) and laughs like she's talking to someone, it's cute. You give her the play phone and she'd rather use the real one,so i just hope that isn't the case with the little potty.


tish212 - March 24

Jenna, I hadn't thought of that, dd is the same way, she goes after MY cell phone even though i have given her THREE old phones of mine that are charged and make noise, she still wants the one that works, and just like your lil one, she holds it to her ear and talks away (always to her daddy) and she likes to play with adult toys, like the laptop, or the remote, or the key fob to our cars, and she completely understands them, she will aim the key fob to the car and wait for it to honk, aim the remote at the tv and wait for it to turn off... but I hope since she likes her lil couch and chair that she will like the potty, i wont know till I try.



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