Sleep Question For A 2 Year Old

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eclectic66 - August 6

Just another sleep question: My ds who just turned 2 years old has always been a great sleeper. In bed by 9 pm and asleep by 9:15 and usually sleeps until 8am. He has napped just once a day since he was about 12 months. The nap is usually a 2-3 hr nap. The past cpl weeks he has been fighting his bedtime...not wanting to be put to bed (but still falls asleep in about 15 min (btwn 9:15 and 9:30), but is now waking around 7 am and also his one nap has turned to just an hour! Is this a normal thing to happen at this age? I have also noticed that he no longer eats like he used to. I have to practically feed him standing up because he wont sit for longer than 5 minutes in his high chair! I figured that is probably fairly normal for his age, but am unsure about the less sleep part....any insight????? Thanks :)


eclectic66 - August 8

Wow, this site is so dead now. Where did everybody go??


gbsmom - August 10

My DD is a little younger (18 mos), but in my experience, as she napped less, we had to put her to bed earlier. Then she will still sleep as late in the a.m. When I was waiting until her old bedtime to put her down, it didn't go as well, and she wouldn't sleep as late the next day, but as soon as I tried putting her down 45 mins earlier, I had a perfect sleeper again. Have you tried him at 8 or 8:30 at night instead of 9? Hope it works!


fefer1 - August 10

Try an earlier bed time. Sometimes they can get wired if they stay up too late and are lacking sleep. But I did notice that at about 2 years old my dd changed some of her sleep patterns for a while. She had a hard time napping and wouldn't stay in bed. She was no longer in her crib so it was easy to get up. We had to fight it for a while but being consistent is really important. She still goes to bed at 8pm to 7am and naps from 1-4, approximately. She will be 3 in a few weeks and we haven't had her in the Highchair for quite a while, probably around 2. We tried the booster at the table until about 2 1/2, maybe earlier. She would just fight it and now wont' sit still no matter what we do. They have short attention spans at this age. :)


dreamy2433 - September 16

I left the site a while back for another board chatterscene dot com they have some awesome sleep support forums there too Good Luck


angeev - September 16

I agree about the earlier bed time. My little guy goes to bed at 8 (he will be 2 next month) but if we let him wait until 8:15 it is not a good night nor a good morning. On the bright side, if we are not at home he is not tied to his routine. I am also starting to notice a little fighting at bed time and some other small changes. Letting him choose a toy to take to bed each night has been working well.



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