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^lucy^ - March 14

hi mommies,, i need ur help to establish a "proper" bedtime routine for my dd.. she is 22 months old and hates to sleep!! we used to sleep late and wake up late cz i work in the evening. now, im quitting my job and im moving to a new house. i really would like to have more time with my hubby in the evening so i would like her to go to bed around 8 - 8:30 pm.. this would make her wake up at 7.. i dont mind that cz the new house im moving in has a pool and we have a garden so she can play and spend some time in there in the morning.. how should i start that? she NEVER went to bed early that time before.. but im tired of having to stay up late with her every night and experience the terrible crying (although i stay with her in bed until she's asleep).. plz any experiences and help will really make it easier for me..also, if there's any way i can let her go to bed by herself that would make it great!! thanks a million!!


^lucy^ - March 14

i forgot to mention that she sleeps around 12 mid night and wakes up around 10:30 - 11 next morning.. then naps for an hour from 4-5.. the nap is not necessary,, she sometimes skips that but still sleeps late :(


lin7604 - March 14

holy c___p that's late! It is going to be a challange to get her to sleep earlier! I would start by waking her up 15 min every few days and then putting her to bed 15 min earlier every few days and keep bumping it up ever few days by 15 min OR you could just go cold turkey adn wake her up at 7am adn then put her to bed at 8pm , she may have a few rough days to catch up on those few hours missed but it all shoul dwork itself with in a week or 2. good luck!!! :)


drea - March 14

wow, that is late....... I cant even stay awake that late anymore (LOL). I would suggest eliminating the nap, and put her down a little bit earlier each night until you have her at the time you want. As far as the crying, have you tried CIO. CIO is hard if you have never done it, but It is very effective for me. Its hard at first, but it gets easier. A lot of times they cry b/c they know we will respond right away and if we dont they eventually fall asleep, unless they dont feel good of course. It may take some time, good luck, hope it all works out.


drea - March 14

Oh, also, maybe she cries b/c she is overtired from going to bed so late, so maybe it wont be that hard to get her down earlier. Just a thought GL.


^lucy^ - March 15

thanks a lot lin and drea.. i think i should try it gradually it should make life easier for me and her.. im not a CIO fan honestly but i've tried it a couple of times but that could last as long as 40 minutes without her going to sleep so i quit that.. cz sometimes it takes me a LONG time to get her to sleep so i put her in bed and she starts screaming her head off.. i think she's old enough to sleep by herself although she is still my baby and dont mind to cuddle and hug a bit before bedtime so she doesnt feel left out. thanks a mil for your help and i'll keep u posted once i start trying that :)


guccigal87 - March 15

ok.. so i am a really good example of the no CIO and then turned to love it.. i was completely against it but my son is 13 months and i had enough since i was always tired from trying.. SOOO what i did was a three strikes your out thing.. i tried twice toput him down.. if he wouldnt go i jsut walk out.. now the first few times it was SOOOO hard.. he cried from 8 till 430 the first night i thought i was gunna loose it.. now its been two weeks since i have been doing it.. he doesnt even cry anymore.. he will yell at me for about 30 mins.. which keeps going down AND he sleeps ALL night for the first time EVER... i thought i was such a bad mother for doing this and finally i was like.. ok i have to do this for the sake of all of us! i would try it but like the other girl said try starting little times.. 15 mins seems good.. waking her up early i mean you will have to deal with a cranky baby for a few days but its worth it!!!


^lucy^ - March 16

thanks a lot for ur help guccigal.. its rea__suring to hear some other mommies similar stories.. it gives me hope!! yesterday i tried to put her to bed same time but in her own in her crib.. she cried and cried and cried for a good 20 minutes then she was coughing and sounded like as if she will vomit :s this freaked me out.. so i went inside the room, hugged her and put her back to bed when she started yelling again but i sat beside her crib and rubbed her back for 5 minutes and she's asleep right after that!! did i do a wrong thing by standing beside her crib? i dont really know what to do since we share the room.. we only have 1 bedroom at our house.. but i was quite pleased for the result, although i was losing my temper cz she wasnt going to sleep at all



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