Soy Milk Instead Of Whole Milk Milk Allergy

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Gretta - November 4

Hi - I am starting to worry my 8 month old dd has a milk allergy. She is exclusively br___tfed but on the handful of times she has had formula she has violently thrown up so I started using soy to give her a bottle here or there and also to mix in her cereal and she tolerates it fine. Also when I was pregnant I was so sick with nausea all I could stomach for what felt like months was vanilla soy milk - it was all I drank. Anyway today I started dd on yo baby yogurt and 30 minutes later she was violently throwing up! I am going to talk to her pediatrician at her 9 month visit next month about potential milk allergy but in the mean time does anyone give thier kids soy milk instead of cow's milk for any reason and is it nutritious enough? Do they need any suppliments? I am just worried what to do when she reaches a year old and needs to switch to cow's milk.


bubbasmom - November 11

Hi Gretta, I found out my son had a milk/soy allergy at 10 days old. He had bloody poop. He was on a special formula called alimentum. Are you giving your daughter soy milk or soy formula? I would think soy formula is fine because it is fortified with all the nutrients babies need. My son had an allergy test done around 14 months so that is a possibility to be sure. Chances are, it may not be a true allergy but just an intolerance. If she was allergic, you probably would have seen signs already as I'm a__suming you ate milk products while b___stfeeding. But, its a good topic to discuss with your doctor. Good luck


mjvdec01 - November 12

You really should call your doctor and make a special appointment to discuss the problem. It is never a good idea to change things like that without talking to the pediatrician first. It may just be lactose intollerance, which is a lot different from a milk allergy. Call the doctor today and see what he/she has to say. Who wants to give up icecream if they don't have to. :}


another Karen - November 12

Hello, I don't know anything about soy milk but goat's milk is a very good subst_tute. It is unlike cows milk that is full of fats to make calves grow so much so rapidly. Cow's milk, as I understand, is not good for our infants' guts as their system is not yet developed enough to absorb these fats therefore don't gain the nutrients from it.


Gretta - November 16

Thanks Ladies - I b___stfeed my daughter exclusively and early on I had given her formula when she was 3 weeks and my Ped said it was fine to try soy so she tolerates that fine. I am going to discuss at the 9 month appt in a few weeks. Maybe they can do that test you child had.



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