Speech Problems Due To Tongue Tie

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Perl - September 15

My 1 month old ds has a short frenulum (tongue tie) and the pediatrician and I discussed clipping the frenulum under his tongue. He said the problems my could have are br___tfeeding and later on he may have speech problems. He's only mildly tongue tied and so far br___tfeeding hasn't been too bad or painful except he has a bit of a problem swallowing sometimes. I'm wondering if there's anyone else who had a tongue tied baby who regrets NOT having their tongue underside or frenulum clipped. What speech problems did your little one have because of tongue tie?


jaa - September 16

I can't speak from personal experience, but I have looked into this question before when it came up with a friend. What we found on the national speech pathology website (asha dot org) made me think that speech pathologists themselves don't actually think tongue tie is a cause of speech problems, and aren't strong advocates for frenulectomy. So, it may be one of those areas where pediatricians aren't as current in their info as the related professionals are. (I've been surprised how often that seems to be the case now that I have a LO and spend some time researching things.)


another Karen - September 16

Hi, my daughter was tongue tied and made for very painful BF. We had it snipped at about 5 wks old. I would definately have done it again with our son too if it had been necessary. Not only can it lead to speech difficulty but also bad teeth. We use our tongue alot to clear food from around our teeth. For that reason alone I felt it worth while getting done. It took no time at all. The doc said to be ready to put her on the b___st when he brought her back in. He was so quick that I wasn't ready. It was an instant relief for my poor nipples and there was no blood. Apparently midwives used to check for it years ago and just run their thumb nail across under the tongue. Then BF went out of fashion and they stopped this practice.


venus_in_scorpio - October 8

my best friend's son has a mild to moderate tongue tie. he is 4 now and she never had it clipped (it wasnt discovered until about 30 months) but he had a LOT of trouble speaking, she was getting calls from day care to have his delays evaluated, he's still really delayed speech wise (he doesnt speak too much more clearly than my 2 year old dd) and she ran into a lot of trouble with that... he went through a really angry phase because he wasn't able to communicate like he wanted to. it was tough. gauge the individual situation before you act because whatever your gut is telling you as mom is probably right for you and your baby but that was my friends experience with it. good luck


venus_in_scorpio - October 8

to answer your question, my friend does regret not having his tongue clipped.


Bridget - October 9

I was tongue tied at birth and since my mother didn't BF, it didn't matter there. I never had any speech problems (I actually talk kind of fast).I had my dentist cut mine when I was 12 or 13 because I was worried about French kissing,LOL My son was born with a tongue tie and I kind of wish I'd had it cut, mainly due to that fact that BFing was an issue. I was able to BF him about 3 times a day but more than that and I'd be sore, even bleeding. So I pumped and also supplemented w/ formula. He is 2 1/2 now and talking up a storm, though he started late (No real sentences until after 2y 3 months) but then so did I. I may ask him when he's older if he wants it cut. But if I were to have another child, I would probably cut it for the main purpose of BFing.



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