Spinning Out Of Control Help Does YOUR Child SPIN

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b - December 29

I need to hear from you if your child spins. My ds spins all the time. He's 20 months now and it's driving us crazy because we heard that spinning is a sign of autism. He shows no other signs and looks over at us to smile while he does it so it's not like he's in a trance. We don't encourage it. We try to ignore him when he does it but sometimes he'll even do it with his eyes closed until he falls!!! He also sometimes runs in a circular spot. He does it throughout the day several times. Anyone else seen this???? To him it seems like a game, and I must stress that we try not to give him any kind of reinforcement either positive or negative.


Ca__sieSong - December 29

My two year old dd (just turned two) loves to spin too, though it's not as often as your ds. She just loves being dizzy. If your son doesn't exhibit any other signs of autism, I wouldn't worry too much. If he speaks, has eye contact, responds to his name, etc..... I'd think he's ok. Of course it's always best to bring concerns to your ped.


mjvdec01 - December 29

My daughter spins too, and does not have autism. She likes to, it's like a game. She is 23 months old and loves to dance too. As long as your son is social, loveable and makes eye contact, and is speaking then you have nothing to worry about. I think you are overreacting a bit, spinning is just fun for them, try doing it with him, I think he would love it. I know that repetative behavior can get irritating, have you tried to re direct him by offering him a toy, or suggesting coloring, or maybe finger paints? If it is really making you nuts get something that he would really like as a distraction. Otherwise join in andhave some fun, toddler style.


AlissaF - December 30

That's funny cause I just had this talk with my mom on christmas. Sage is 18 months and has been spinning for about 4 months now. He spends a lot of time spinning or running in circles. It's just a game though. he likes to get dizzy. He got a sit n' spin for christmas because of his love of spinning. He's had many developmental a__sessments because of an issue with eating and autism has never been mentioned. He just finds it amusing!


b - December 30

Alissa, your ds sounds like he's doing the exact same type of spinning so your answer is very rea__suring. My ds even closes his eyes while he's doing it at times. I might try the sit n spin or games as Ca__sieSong and Mjvdec01 suggested as well. Thank you!!


AlissaF - December 30

Sage closes his eyes sometimes too! I encourage it because he's having fun with it. I can tell him "circles" and he'll smile and spin! And sometimes I'll chase him as he is running in circles.


meg - December 30

My ds is not quite 16 months & also spins...well actually, he "chases his tail." We have a golden retriever who is constantly chasing his tail & one day we realized that at the same time the dog was chasing his tail our son started spinning in circles. Now when we tell our ds to "get his tail" he turns in circles...it is the cutest thing I have seen! :-)


lillians_mom - December 31

my little 14 month old loves to spin too. we bought her a sit and spin and she loves it. i think its pretty normal because my friends' baby does it too. :)


Jilloh - January 2

my son 21 months loves to spin....not all the time but loves it when he does it.....If you see no other signs I wouldn't worry. Check with your child's doctor if you are really worried though.


Nita_ - January 8

My dd is 18months old and she loves to spin too. She's never closed her eyes or gotten to the pt of dizzy/falling down...but she seems to love to see the room 'go around'. :) and Meg--I started laughing out loud when I read your post about yoru son 'chasing his tail'. haha!! My dd has been learning different body parts and she points to my dogs tail and when I say 'tail, she tries reaching behind and looking for one on her! It's funny!


b - January 10

It's funny but now that we've stopped asking him to do it, he doesn't do it as often.



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