Starting Daycare In 1 Week How Do You Feel

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lin7604 - August 26

i am starting work at a daycare in 1 week, me son who is 22 months will be going with me there as well. MY question is how do you deal with waking them up so early and not feel bad about it... :( my son has never been the best sleeper and now that i will have to be at work for 7am, i will have to wake him up no later then 6:10 am. ( thank god it's only about a 15 min drive). i feel so bad that i will have to wake him earlier then he already wakes, as he normally is wakes around 6:30-6:45am.I know he probally won't nap as well their either and he will be in bed super early to make up for that, but now i am worried that he will be super OT and wake at night as he has been doing on ans off for the last month. how was it for you????


mommy to emily - August 26

Don't worry he WILL adapt. I did the same exact thing. I got a job at a daycare and I had to be there at 6:45 in the morning. It was hard at first but she quickly adapted to the routine and she had no problem taking a nap because she was so tired. Just give it a week to adjust to the new schedule..


lin7604 - August 26

but my ds gets affected BIG time with overtiredness!!!!! SO how do i combat that as when he gets overtired he won't nap long enough. no matter how tired he is in the long run once he gets overtired that it! nap is terrible!!! then he also wakes at night, i know he will have super early bedtimes the first few weeks too but i want to avoid night wakes if possible...... then i will be the big bear, lol.... i find he is big on his A time and can't go over 5.5- 6 hrs max, with being at work by 7am he will be over 6 hrs A time before they have nap...... does anyone know when they get less touchy by being up a little later...... an have no night wakes.... i can handle him waking earlier if he's ot but not these night wakes. ( i have been dealing with them for about 1 month now and don't see any "sun" in the future yet...)


Justine1 - August 27

We had no problem with overtiredness of them at daycare - they adapt and mine both sleep in the day. It was harder for us as we can't sleep at work. I think you need to put him to bed earlier and I'ld start now either the whole 20 mins in one go or 5 mins earlier each day - like 5 mins day 1, 10 mins day 2 etc. The daycare gets ours to either nap after lunch or have quiet time and amazingly can get about 10 children to sleep at one time even my DD who thinks life is one big party and its far too short for sleeping - now why can't I get 2 to do that? Lol. Hope it goes well - they do adapt.



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