Staying At A Hotel With A 1 Year Old

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ImpatientMommy - July 16

Anyone have any problems? We're staying at a Hilton in the beginning of August and I never thought of this... what do I do with her milk? She gets a sippy cup with whole milk 3 times a day... I know some hotels have a mini fridge but I'm embarrassed to call and ask but I'm going to anyway. The sleeping situation I'm not worried about because we have a great travel bed and she'll probably just end up in bed with me anyway. But it's going to suck having to be quiet from 7:30 on... maybe we can stick her travel bed in the bathroom for the meantime? hahaha I don't know. Now I'm al nervous about this!


kimberly - July 16

Yeah, you can get a room with a mini fridge and microwave too. I have stayed several times when mine were little and it can be a restless night. Especially if your little one likes their own bed. Mine always perferred to be at home to sleep. Most hotels have mini cribs too but my babies never would sleep in them. They aren't very comfy. A little hint to keep down noise is turn the bathroom fan on and put her next to the door and it muffles the sound. I use our bathroom fan at home to muffle the sound when she sleeps now, because my house is never quiet with my two boys. Have fun!


ImpatientMommy - July 16

I just called. You can request there be a fridge ahead of time so I went ahead and got one for all 3 nights. Yaaay, I feel so much better!


Justine1 - July 17

I've got 2 kids 1 and 2 and we've stayed in a few hotels and never had any problems. My kids love hotels. We always put their milk in the fridge - a mini bar usually has one. I'ld definitely check like you did that you've got one. Most hotels will supply a crib/cot with bedding if you want too (though some charge for this). For long stays we prefer to stay in places which are more like apartments with cooking facilities and ideally a washing machine. I've also find at hotels the staff are normally more than willing to help with milk etc, they normally adore children. I'm sure you'll have a great time. In an English hotel you'ld only be expected to be quiet at night (12 onwards) but maybe its different over there. We just went in hotels for 9 nights and they slept great every night - now I just wish they'ld do that at home!


Joanne - July 17

Another idea is to consider a two room suite. We love the Emba__sy Suites chain of hotels - they have a separate bedroom from the living area/mini bar. So children or babies can go to bed in the bedroom (esp when they go to bed at 7:30 p.m.!), and parents can stay in the living area and talk, watch TV, eat, use restroom, etc. without worrying about noise.


lin7604 - July 18

i too was very nervous the 1st time we travelled. Only one time it was a nightmare! We usually get the 2 rrom suites, that was we can put him off to bed early and then hubby and i can stay up, watch movies, etc IT is the best solution for us. We did it once in a reg room and it was terrible as he wouldn't sleep as he saw us! He then woke up several times a night b/c he knew we were there. SO know we always spend the extra bucks and get to enjoy our experience!


KOGreer - July 19

We just stayed in a hotel with my one year old son. It was a small room, but we were able to set the pack and play up in the 'closet'. It fit perfectly there, and it was out of the way. I brought a portable fan with us that we put on the floor beside his head to block out any sound. I also rolled over a high-back chair to block his view of us. He would have never slept had he known we were in the same room as him!


Erin1979 - July 19

we went away when my daughter was 9 months. I asked for a room that had a fridge and microwave and they were very accomodating. We had 2 seperate bedrooms in the hotel, and had dd in one while were in the living worked well....we brought a "pea in a pod" travel bed (it has a little airbed inside of a breathable "tent" so she couldn't roll worked really well)


ImpatientMommy - July 19

We have the same travel bed! I love it. Well me and my husband are trying to save money where we can when it comes to the vacation since we're driving there and you know the price of gas... so we got a really great deal at a Hilton but if you want a suite that has 2 rooms it jumps up $100 so that's a pretty big price jump so we aren't going with a suite. We already had to settle for a room that had 2 beds instead of one! haha for some reason there was a huge price jump there too. I think I'm just going to put a comforter on the bathroom floor and put her PeaPod tent in there until we're ready to go to bed and then bring her out. She rarely wakes up and you can close the tent so I'm sure she'll be fine. But I didn't even think about having a microwave... hmmm, I might like that!



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