Strange Nap Question

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jessb - November 14

My dd is 2.5. She sleeps in a big girl bed at home and has a toddler bed at my moms house. My mom watches her all week. She has never had issues with sleeping in either bed (she has been in them about 3 months). She has been sick this past week and acts like a cranky MONSTER. But other than that nothing is different. All week she refuses to sleep in her bed at my moms house. She gets hysterical and will not even go near it. She says she wants to lay on the couch and will lay right down and fall asleep within minutes on it. At home she has been okay, she wants me to stand by her bed for a minute, but has been okay with her bed at home. I just dont know what it is alll of a sudden about the toddler bed at grandmas. I asked her and she just says "I want to sleep on the couch" but will not say why when I ask. Has anyone ever heard of this or have any suggestions? I dont want it to become a habit at my moms house, we have baby #2 coming next week who my mom will also watch and she needs my dd in the room in the toddler bed!!


mjvdec01 - November 15

Our daughter will be three in February. When she was 20 months we got her a big girl bed. One evening she refused to lay in it and wouldn't say why when we asked...until I started asking specific questions. Finally we asked her if the nightlight was scary? She said yes, we unplugged it and she has been fine ever since. Try asking specific questions about the room itself, or maybe the bedding, and object in the room. There may be something in there that she has recently become afraid of. Maybe something is casting a scary shadow? Anyway, just a thought.


jessb - November 17

Thanks mjv- I will try asking her again. I pretty much just left it alone this weekend and just told her a couple of time "when you get to grandmas you are going to sleep in your big girl bed". She said okay, but today at grandmas she ended up sleeping on the couch again. The thing is when they are this young its very easy to ask them leading questions. Meaning when kids are this young they will answer how they think you want them to answer. Meaning they may answer yes or no to every question just because they think thats whats expected of them. Although I guess it worked for your dd so you must have hit on something. I will try and see what happens.



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