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Kevsgirl21 - December 10

I have a 20 month old now, and I found out I am due again at the end of July! I am wondering if any one has had childrend about 28 months apart used a double stroller, and if so what kind. It is a hard decision because there are so many out there, and then again, I don't know if my son will even need it at the time. I am open to suggestions sp please let me know! Thanks


bubbasmom - December 10

I had the same question. My two will be about 2 and a half years apart. I did some research and found no stroller is perfect. many are very heavy and long from the reviews I read. Hopefully, we will get some answers.


Kevsgirl21 - December 10

I know, I keep doing research as well, and all that I find is the sit and stand are good, until the toddler gets tired, the side by sides are large, and the tandem are hard to steer with a big kid, but I need real answers from people with experience not just websites!


cubbie - December 10

Hi, my dd's are 26 months apart and decided in the end not to go for a double stroller, because I just didn't find one that I liked. I'm pleased that I didn't buy one as my older dd hardly wants to sit in the stroller, but I always have the baby carrier with me so on the odd occa__sion that my older dd does want to sit I put the baby in the carrier and my older dd goes in the stroller, but it really isn't very often.


in the woods - December 10

If we lived in a city, I don't know if I'd liked the side-by-side stroller that we have had, but in the open spaces it's been great. It's a jogging stroller with huge wheels for rough terrain. The seats recline independently. My kids are 19 mo apart, and the older one did not really need a stroller by 3.5 -4 years old. So, if your kids are 2 1/4 years apart, your stroller will get a usefl life of 1 to 2 years.


meg - December 10

Hi! I also am facing the same issue! I have a 15 month old & am due in June...they will be 21 months apart. Right now my ds LOVES to ride in a stroller, & I don't see that changing any time soon!! I've done quite a bit of research already & the two that I have come up with are the Phil & Ted (a bit pricey, but it can be a double or a single & is not huge like most double strollers, they sit front to back). It's more of a jogger type of stroller, which is great because we do a lot of walking in the woods & my current jogger is great in the woods! The only thing I don't like about it, is if you are using the ICS, there is no room for a toddler. My other choice right now is the Kohlcraft tandem (I think that's what it's called). It's also a front to back, but a bit longer & more akward, & doesn't seem to have too much room for my ds to grow. But I do like that with that stroller the rear seat can also be removed, also making it a single, & each of the seats can change directions! Good luck!


Kevsgirl21 - December 10

I have been doing research all day, and so far I think I will start with a Graco duoglider while my son still enjoys sitting in the stroller, and the buy a Joovy caboose where one can ride and on can sit, or I will trade my single Zooper (Which I hate!) for a single Maclaren and let my son just walk.! Just ideas though


kvilendrer - December 12

My boys are 21 months apart. I have a Sit N' Stand Stroller from Babytrend. It's awesome! It adapts to most carseats. And, my 2 year old can either sit on the bench facing me, or stand on the platform facing the other way. And the baby's carseat faces me also. It also folds up very thin. It's a little long, but it's much better than the side-by-side double stroller. And it's only $120 dollars!


bbmax - December 15

GRACO DUO GLIDER DOUBLE STROLLER (the lighter model with the bar across for a handle): I had the regular Graco before I had my second child. My ds is 19 months and weighs 32 pounds and I have a 3 month old. I did a lot of research and opted for this one since I'm not a jogger but more of a shopper so the side by sides weren't for me and are not good for doorways. I love this double stroller. It's not much heavier than the regular Graco and I was able to put my newborn in it right away since I already had the Graco infant seat. It glides well and is great for the mall. I have a Mazda MPV van so I can get it in and out with no preoblem, and I hate lifting heavy things. I guess when you're determined to shop nothing stops you..haha. It also doesn't feel so long when both kids are in it and turns corners just fine. It also reclines in front so my older son often sleeps in it while I go from place to place. It was worth the price to me. I got it from Toys R Us though and I wouldn't have it shipped. I'd pick it up since their shipping is so slow. The bottom basket is nice and huge as well but it has to be snapped up and released all the time as you put things in it when you use a baby car seat.


bbmax - December 15

After all that I just realized that your son might be too old for you to bother which such an elaborate double stroller. But this thread will probably be read by a lot of people needing all kinds of stroller advice, I hope. lol


Kevsgirl21 - December 16

That is the stroller that I want to get, and that I am thinking about buying so I am happy that you gave it such a good review. A lot of people I have talked to say that kids stay in a stoller till about 3, so even if I only get six months out of it, its worth it!


mjvdec01 - December 18

You could always sell it on craigs list when you are done with it.



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