Stuttering 2 5 Year Old

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amyh - August 21

Our daughter just started stuttering. It seriously started in one day. It's not always, but often enough for everyone to notice. I try to tell her to slow down when she is speaking and it helps a little. But, I can also tell it bothers her. Any advice on how to handle it? I read it can be a phase. She has always been advanced where speech is concerned. She is also bilingual and mixes the languages. I am hoping it's just a little too much for her little mind at the moment and she will grow out of this!


kimberly - August 21

Being she is bilingual it maybe nothing to worry about but I would however bring it up with her pedi since stuttering can get worse if not addressed. Speech theraphy maybe something that would help her. But, I kind of feel you are right that maybe the two languages is just too much for her to grasp all at once.


Justine1 - August 22

I agree with Kimberley it maybe nothing but I'ld discuss it with a ped/doctor to see if she needs speech therapy. My DD is 2.5 and is bilingual (English/French) and very good at speech - I'ld say she can find 2 languages bit confusing, like she'll say "These are my shoes, Papa calls them chaussures, silly Papa" but no stuttering so I think that may well be a separate think but a doctor would know best and know if its likely just to be a phase or not.


in the woods - August 23

I, too, think that the biligualism should not be causing stuttering, it's rather something to check with a Dr. I see bilingual kids around who may start a sentence in one language and end in another but the brain still processes the thought, and the mouth says it. My kids, who are not fully bilingual (one of the languages is not spoken consistently) still throw in a word here or there with no problems.


amyh - August 28

After watching her, I don't think it's a problem. She really only does it when she is trying to find the right words. And, it's not a constant daily thing. I take her to the midwife every month, so I will talk with her but I am no longer worried.... thanks though!


jodie - September 6

Hi Amy! My son will be 3 in November and he has been stuttering off an on for the past almost year I would say. He will stutter for a few days then be fine for a month or so then stutter again. He gets so mad at himself and says "mom I can't talk anymore" I tell him to slow down and really think about what he wants to say and he usually can get it out after that. I notice it happens more when he is playing and trying to talk about something totally different. It has deffinatley gotten better since it first started I can tell he really thinks more about it now. I am going to ask the doc at his 3yr but I don't think it's a major concern at this point. Goodluck!


JEN - September 8

OMG! This happened to my ds on Friday- literally overnight (he will be 3 in December). Everyone I have talked to says it is just a phase- the only reason I am still worried is that it was such a huge change overnight. It is not all the time either, but I am still worried! I want to take him to the pediatrician, but I don't want to over react right off the bat, and I also don't want ds to know that I am concerned about it and give him a complex...BTW- congrats to all of you who are exposing your little ones to multiple languages!



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