Tantrum Screaming For Every Little Thing Help

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bbmax - February 24

My ds is almost 2 and for the past week or so he's been screaming blue murder for every little thing, well it's more like crying. We can hardly take it in the house. I know terrible twos are here but what do we do about this? If we put him in his room or say no he will literally scream and cry forever, it's not just 10 or 15 minutes. How long do we wait for him to stop? How do you get them to understand no????


cors1wfe - February 24

bbmax - this may be very difficult advice for you to follow - but if you give into him or do other things to make him stop crying the behavior will continue - I suggest ingoring him - leave the room he's in whatever - act like he doesn't exist - after a few times when he sees that his behavior isn't getting him anywhere he will stop - but those couple of times he might scream like hell for an hour - just ignore him - trust me -he understands NO - and the reason you know this is that he wouldn't be having the fits he's having if he didn't - does that make sense? - my ds had tantrums about 2 times - I completely ignored him - if he dared to try it in a store I marched him right to the bathroom and gave him a good swat -(he was still in diapers) but that did get his attention and he quickly learned that he was not in charge - I don't have to spank my sons often because I have been very firm with them since early on - if spanking isn't for you I don't have an alternative I am not a timeout kinda mom but I know others on here are - hopefully they will jump on and help with alternatives - Good Luck - oh and make sure you and your dh are on the same page so that he doesn't learn to play you two against each other.


cors1wfe - February 24

are you his sole care giver or does he go to daycare? - just wondering my son picked up very bad habits at daycare but after while he unlearned them...


cindy120175 - February 26

I had some incidents when my 3 year old was about that age. I remember one time he threw a tantrum and cried and kicked in the hallway for a good 45 minutes. All I said was when you are done you can come out. I ignored him the rest of the time...it only took that one time and he hasn't had one like that again..but it was VERY hard for me...it is..but you have to do it and if you tell the child you are going to do something (time out, spank, whatever) you need to follow through, otherwise it won't be effective...sometimes being the parent sucks!!!!!!


bbmax - February 26

cors1wfe I'm like you. I don't do time outs. I've given him a few little swats and they seem to work. He's been teething and has suddenly toned it down now that his last 4 teeth are out but he still has his moments. I'm trying to ignore him like you all say to do and that works a lot too.


CWeber - March 22

Well both my sister and I never really had temper tantrums. I tried once and my sister tried twice and each time we got an nice cold gla__s of water thrown in our face. I only needed it once and my mom said the second time my sister did it she calmly turned the tap on to run it cold and my sister shut up and quickly left the room. Works like a charm! Shocks the heck out of you but does not hurt.


in the woods - March 25

Love your mom's method, CWeber.


jwhite - March 25

love all these methods I am going ot have to try them cause my dd is 20 months old and she is getting this way. She will now though go sit in the time out spot just for the heck of it, what do I do about that?


yumymumy - March 27

a almost 2 year old tests the water, pushing the limit to see how far they can go with everything, alot of repeating youself goes on when ya got a just turned 2 yr old. now my son is almost 3 and he knows from right from wrong, hes smart, but hes also cheeky and when they push the limit just to pee you off is what makes me tense LOL. dont get me wrong hes a angel but like all kids he has his moments and i think 3yr olds are way worse!!! even from seeing my friends children at times! goodluck and dont worry we all go through this at some point. every child is differant. my son calms down from being sent to his room with the door shut, but thats just him.


cubbie - March 28

You need a lot of patience during the twos but staying calm and consistant pays off, they say that a two year old has the same hormones as a teenager (how I'm dreading the teens!), the important things to remember is not to lose your cool and to stay in control and to ignore the bad behavior and praise the good. My dd hardly ever had tantrums because they simply didn't work, say we would be in the mall and she would want something that she couldn't have, I would simply say no and if she tried to push it I would take her hand and lead her out of the shop ignoring the tantrum and talking to her as though she wasn't crying. At home I would say no or tell her that a behavior is not acceptable and then let her cry until she realised that it's not getting her anything. But the praising the good is really important especially during times when we don't really seem aware that they're being good, say my dd was playing quietly by herself, I would always comment on how nicely she's playing and how I'm proud of her, otherwise afer a while she would start to find a way to get my attention differently. Now my dd is 3 and I have to tell you that yesterday she amazed me beyond belief, it was my younger dd's 1st birthday party, and when she came home from nursery at 1 we got the room ready, put all the food out (including cupcakes with sprinkles and clown toppers, and a centrepiece of a boquet of candies on sticks) and set out a table with coloring pages, crayons, stickers, masks and crowns for the older kids to do. The party wasn't until 4pm and she didn't even once ask for anything, or try to take anything or do any of the crafts, she just wanted to help me, pa__sing balloons to hang etc and said "when the children come I'm first going to make a crown and mask then I'll eat my candy and a cupcake and then I'm going to color" I've never seen her excert so much self control and maturity and believe me I was bursting with pride.


momlace - March 29

I have 2 dd 3 and 2. I feel like I tryed everything with my 2 year old from timeouts to swats. She didn't care about any of them. Her big thing was telling me no for everything. So I used the soap in the mouth trick. It only worked for a couple months. I then changed my timeout method to putting her nose to a wall. She hates it and is saying sorry and that she will stop what ever she is doing before she gets to the wall even. The big bonus is that there is a wall anywhere you go. She hates it but it works so well. It is the only thing I have to use now with both my girls. Works wonders. They hate that they can not see what else is going on or be part of it.


dizoney - April 3

As some kids need to be ignored, some kids need to be held and "loved" through it. But I would tell my son to let me know when he was done so we could play again. It never lasted more than a few minutes after that.



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