Telling Colours Apart

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Justine1 - January 19

My son just turned 2 this month and he can say all the words for every colour but when you ask him what a colour is he'll say the same colour for all the colours. Like you show him Red, Green, Blue, Black and he'll say you say what colour is it? and he'll say blue for all of them. I find it a bit strange as his sister could tell them all before this age and as he can do lots of other similar things like he'll get the book of shapes and go square, rectangle, star correctly and books of objects and he'll say all the objects correctly. What concerns me is that he calls all the colours the same word like he can't see they are different. I'm sure he's learning fine and I'm not bothered what order he learns things in I'm just concerned if he could be colour blind. There are a lot of colour blind people in both families but it does seem like complete colour blindless is rare (about 8% for males for partial). Just wondered if anyone knew anything about this. I guess we're just going to have to see and it's not a huge deal if he is, it just would make me a little sad if he couldn't see colours.


jenna32 - January 21

i'm no expert here,but i wouldn't worry too much just yet. Depending on the child, i think some kids don't learn their colours until they are 3-5 years old.


kimberly - January 21

Sounds like he is doing great! I wouldn't worry about it at all just yet, it is very normal for him to not know his colors yet. My oldest son knew all of his by age 2 but my second was more like 3 when he knew all of his. He did the same thing as your son he would say everything was blue or everything was red ect. My son is not color blind, he just learns things differently and at a slower pace as my oldest does. My dd is 17 months and I doubt she will know her colors by 2 years.


Justine1 - January 22

Thanks very much Kimberley and Jenna. I'm sure I'm probably worrying about nothing. Kimberley - Thanks for letting me know one of your sons called all the colours the same too, its a relief to know he's not alone. It just bothered me because other than the colours he's pretty much at the same stage of learning as his sister was at his age. I looked online and it says that there was a study into why so many children call all the colours the same etc when they can do things like name shapes so it obviously isn't that unusual. Thanks again.



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