The Big Transition From Bottle To Sippy

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kimberly - August 14

My dd will be a year old this Saturday! She still loves her bottles alot. I have two other children and I br___tfed my first so I had different issues then and my second kind of gave the bottle up himself, he just preferred a sippy by 11 months. My dd is totally different, she don't like her sippy, not even a Nuby. She pretty much refuses to drink from one. Have any of you experienced this? What did you do to transition them? Funny because I have given advice on this same topic but I am now at loss of what to do. I don't want her to be 3 years old and still with a bottle. Help!!


clindholm - August 14

I'm interested in the responses to this too. My dd always took her juice from a Nuby, but I still can't get her to drink her milk from a cup. I have been playing hardball lately but feel terrible b/c I know she is not betting enough milk b/c she refuses to drink it. I can't make up for it in cheese b/c she has constipation. Anyone have any ideas?


eclectic66 - August 14

I am so glad you asked this question because I am right there too. Ds (12.5 months) also does not yet use a sippy...he still prefers his bottle and I have tried handing him the sippy with each meal, but he just thinks it's a I have showed him each time how to use it, but to know avail. I have also tried the one with the straw and the one without. Both of them the Nuby brand. I even tried waiting until he was super hungry to try and get him to take his milk from it, but instead he just gets p__sed and throws it on the floor. Aggg, I am hoping that one day I will just look over and find him using I'm all out of ideas at this point so hopefully someone will come up with some good tips for us all :-)


jessb - August 15

My dd was the same way, she loved her bottle. At are 12 month appt the doctor told us to just quit cold turkey and throw out all the bottles in our house and just give her the cup and she would drink out of it when she gets thirsty enough. It was about 5 or 6 painful days. She would go to the cabinet where we kept her bottles and just scream and cry for one. But then that was it, she used her cup and never looked back and never gave us anymore problems about it. I do remember that week we couldnt even use the word "bottle" or she would get hysterical. It suck while your doing it but soooo worth after a few days when they totally get over it. Kind of like the cry it out method, sooo hard but definitely worth it.


kimberly - August 20

Thanks for the advice ladies! I have managed to cut down to only two bottles a day. In the morning and at night. She will not drink from her sippy but will drink from a regular gla__s. But, of course this is a problem because she can't carry the gla__s around with her and I have to hold it and give her drinks and of course it gets all over her. Ugh..why won't she use a sippy?


waiting100 - August 24

I have an almost 2.5 year old boy. Yes, we gave him a bottle in his crib to go to sleep at naps and at bedtime......we had a new baby when he was 17 months old - who is now almost 10 months old - and to have some sanity we just did this--it was what we did to have sanity. Well, he started to wake up at night and come into our bed and I would get a bottle and put him back to bed - he went back to sleep - ahhhh, yes that meant we got sleep! Long story short, we just weaned him from the bottle last week - it has been almost a week - and at naps and at bedtime we give him a sippy cup full of milk. He takes about 2 sips and throws it--he doesnt want the sippy cup and BEGS for a bottle, cries and cries begging for his bottle - it BREAKS MY HEART! He has never had a paci or anything - his bottle has been his only comfort item. So it is really hard on me - cause it just relaxes him and makes him feel so good! (My sil was like, need to get him off the bottle already - meanwhile her 3 year old still gets a paci!!!) NOT FAIR! - well our naps have been almost non-existent this week - he fights naps cuz he wants his bottle and night_tme - after putting him back in his bed for the 13th time and him crying himself to sleep - he finally dozes off around 10:00 sometimes 10:30. It has been awful weaning him and I wish i would had done it long ago but like I said the bottle is his ONLY comfort item and you know what he is still my baby. It has been real tough ladies. I hope this works out soon. ....


andy - August 24

Hi Kimberly ... Some ladies here suggested the nuby soft spout and so far so good ...DD is 17 months and just off the bottle 4 days ago , the first time she just sipped once and then threw it away but now she still looks at it like ... what is this , this was not what I used to have but s kind of adjusting .. I tried the normal sippy when she was 13 months and she wouldnt even consider it , she gagged so much that almost threw up , so I knew she was not ready , but I wouldn t want to wait so much that she just couldnt let go ... my SIL has a 4 yo that has 2 bottles at night , and he is so aware of everything that he even said to us ... no one is taking the bottle from me ... So I just couldnt get to that !!! ... I figured about 4 -5 months on this sippys and then normal sippy ... Hope my plan works ..Good luck , maybe a soft spout sippy can help ..


kimberly - August 27

Ok, so heres an update; she still has her morning and night bottle, but only because I feel like she don't get enough milk through the day. I have tried the spout sippys, the straw cups, and the nuby and to no avail she just will not drink from them. I give her drinks from a regular cup through out the day but she only has a small amount at a time. I feel like I could take the bottle and she wouldn't fuss about it much but I am afraid to take it completely away because of the amount of milk she gets if I don't give her one. I thought about flavoring the milk being she don't like whole milk as much as her formula but I don't want to make a habbit for her to only drink sweetened milk. Plus, I don't think it would change the fact she don't like a sippy. I guess I will just have to be persistant and keep trying...hopefully she will catch on! I totally agree about not waiting to long...I know they tend to get more attached the longer they have it.



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