This May Sound Really Terrible

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angelinakai - March 21

I have a problem... more dog related than toddler related. I have a 10 year old dog. Before my son came along, my dog was my baby. Now I have a 1 1/2 year old and another baby on the way. My dog is getting older and has started peeing all over the house... mostly in our bed!! its driving me crazy. I don't want my son playing on rugs that my dog has peed on and I really can't control the dog. I could keep him as an outdoor dog, but it gets very hot here in the summer and I don't know if he could stand the heat. Plus, that would be no life for him. He is too old to give away. he does not like my son... he snips at him, but has never actually bit him. I am considering putting him to sleep. he is fairly active and seems to be happy. but he is out of control. i put baby gates up and he jumps over them. i really don't know what else to do. i am not going to spend a bunch of money on him bc he's already old and I've gone that route before with a couple of dogs and they ended up dying anyway. Any advice... please be honest if you think this is completley cruel!


Krissy25 - March 21

The peeing may be annoyning but the snipping is dangerious. Your son may do something to provoke your dog, unintentionally, and he may actually bite. Your children come first, the dog needs to go, but i think you know that already. I know it's hard to make a decision like that.


jennyr - March 21

I have a 3 year old and I also have a dog. My attention was always on my dog before my little one came. Now all my attention is on her. My dog has taken about 2 years to get use to her and now he is ok not great but ok with her. She is rough with him and he is such a baby but I know he would never hurt her. The peeing thing I totally understand. You don't want to have to worry about your little one crawling in it or what not. I would say put an ad in the paper to see if anyone wants your dog or check with the local vet to see if anyone would take her into there home. I would hate to say put him to sleep that just seems unfar. If no-one will take him then look into a pet trainer to seek some advice on what to do. Good luck!


Shelly - March 22

I thnk it's unfair for the dog,10 years is not all that old,find him another home,just put an ad on Craigslist and explain he has a hard time adjusting because of the kids...that way he has a second chance,eventhough I understand that the peeing and snapping is very annoying,you can't totally blame the dog and putting him down because of that is cruel IMO.My child comes first too when I have to make the choice between child and dog,but I don't think putting him down is the solution.


Whitney - March 22

Well I know this isn't exactly the same as your situation, but I am going thru a similar thing with my cat too. We have 2 cats both 11 years old & have a 3 year old son & 8 month old daughter. Both cats seemed Ok when my son was born, but one of them was always kind of annoyed by him since birth & always keeps her distance & if he comes too close she hisses at him, & this has been going on for 3 years - though she's never hurt him, but she now also hisses at my daughter allot. But when my daughter was born, it was kind of like she was thinking "my god, another one" & things changed with her. She started pooping on our carpet when our daughter was 2 weeks old, & for the past 8 months she's done it at least once a week, & I find it everywhere, it's horrible! It is REALLY frustrating & I am at my witts end, I cannot tolerate animal feces on the carpet where my children play any longer. I have tried changing her litter, changing the box, getting a new box or each cat, giving her more attention, changing her food, getting her new toys, new scratching post, & taken her to the vet multiple times & they keep saying it's behavioral. So our last resort is a anti depressant spay that the vet told us about for pets that are "depressed" (I know it sounds pathetic), but it's soposed to relax them because usually improper elimination is due to stress. So we tried it 2 weeks ago & so far, no poops have been found. But me & my hubby have decided that if it doesn't work, & she does it again - we will put her down. I know its sad & sounds cruel but I cannot live in a house that I worked hard for & just allow an animal to destroy it by pooping everywhere, it's gross, unsanitary, unhealthy for my children, & they come first. I love my cat, but she is ... just a cat. That might sound mean to come people, but I think if I put her in a shelter it will be very stressfull for her, & NO ONE will want a cat (or dog for that matter) when you tell them you are getting rid of them because they urinate & deficate all over the house. I think putting them down is the more humaine option.... esspecially if the animal is already older & has had a good life. But that is just my opinion.


stephannpruitt - March 23

I was in the EXACT same situation a little over 2 weeks ago. My husband and I had a 4 year old German Shepard, and she was peeing all over the house as well as snipping at my daughter who is 16 months old, she actually bit me and my husband a few times. Well we thought long and hard about the whole thing and even took her to a behaviorist as recommended by our vetinarian. We were willing to pay the place over $1,000 dollars for obedience and behavior training, well needless to say they took one look at our dogs behavior as well as our interview we had and they said that our dog was untrainable. After the age of 2 if a dog snips or even growls at a child, it is an ingrained behavior that will only worsen. They wouldn't even try with our dog which we were willing to do. Anyway their recommendation was to put her down. Well needless to say the next day my husband took her to the vet and put her down. I am not going to lie to you, it was probaly the hardest decision we have ever had to make ever and as much as i regretted it in the days to follow, i know that for the safety of my child it was best. I am due with our second child in 8 weeks. I will give you a scenario that the behavorist gave me that really made me think.... What happens when you are b___stfeeding your new infant and your 18 month old is sitting watching television having a snack, what would happen if your child dropped the bowl, the dog would go to the bowl as a natural response to eat the snack and when your child goes to get her snack, the dog bites her neck, hits her jugular and your child has bled out before you can even call 911. This was a reality that i could not even imagine, but i knew in my heart that this was the stone cold reality of how severe my dogs behavior was, let alone the peeing. As much as I love that dog I know we did the right thing. As inhumane as it sounds you have to tell yourself a dog is only a dog, your children are the ones that will take care of you when you are old, and that dog will be long gone. Hope this helps



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