Tips For Flying With A Baby Toddler

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Jen_lou - October 7

My little girl is 16 months old and we are going on holiday in a few weeks, we have deliberatly chosen a short flight and transfer time, the flight is 2.5 hours, she will be sat on our knees as she is under 2 so hasn't been allocated a seat of her own, will the airline give you a seat if there's one spare? and i'm looking for tips to keep her amused! easier said than done i imagine! Thanks


inuk-mama - October 8

omg thank you for posting this! I will be flying at Christmas with my 8yo. 15 month old, and newborn and not sure how I will do it!!! DH is staying home b/c he can't get time off from work. Hopefully someone knows about this!


meg - October 8

We flew twice this summer w/ my ds. First flight he was 10 months & second flight he was just a week short of one. Each flight was about an hour & a half & we also just held him on our laps. We just made sure to have lots of finger foods, they tend to keep him occupied, & toys. Once he would throw a toy on the floor we would have a replacement waiting! He also liked playing peek-a-boo w/ the people sitting behind us. Overall, he was very good...just a little squirmy & cranky at times. Good luck!


cattac - October 8

Hey, ever since last July I've flown at least once almost every month with at least one child...flown with both my boys (now one almost 3 and one almost 1) since December. It's really not that bad but I do remember at first being so nervous when I only had one! With one child I brought plenty of toys. As soon as the plane takes off I give a snack. Something that takes awhile to chew and I give finger food. it usually takes awhile for them to eat and it takes up some of the time! You can bring books...does your daughter have any favorite books? If so bring them. I know 16 months is probably (in my opinion) going to be one of the tougher ages because they're just starting to walk and that's what they want to do at all times! So basically you have to keep them entertained. So start with the snack. I would let your husband board first to get all your stuff on and you board LAST. I am always THE LAST person on board so I dont have to sit and waste time on the plane. I want as little waiting time on the plane as possible. OK so the snack, books, I am not sure about how you feel about letting your little girl watch TV but if you have a laptop BRING IT and bring a movie or two. When I get desperate it never fails. My 11 month old would sit still and watch numerous episodes of thomas or backyardigans if I let him. I would bring that for safety. What time of day are you flying? Morning is generally better for me. The earlier the better. I've found naptime can either be a great time or an awful time...the child is either tired and pa__ses out or the child is so tired but can't get comfortable and is very difficult. If you haven't booked your flight yet then try to book as early as possible. If you have your husband with you that's a plus. Most of the time I actually am flying with both of my kids alone. The 2 (almost 3) year old is the easy one now and he actually entertains himself the entire time. Anyway, I also bought my kids something called VideoNow Jr off ebay. It's a kid sized movie player but you have to buy special movies for it off ebay because the kid movies really arent manufactured anymore. Bring anything that's time consuming. You can try puzzles. What is your daughter into right now? I would only bring things that you know she loves to play with. Don't waste the space with stuff you're not sure about. Is she coloring at all yet? If so you could bring something for her to color.


MNMOM - October 8

Check out the infant care forum, we just had this same discussion! :)


Jilloh - October 9

I first flew with my son at age 3 months and again at 5 months. The flight was 1 1/2 hours. He did well. No the airline won't give you a seat you can call and purchase one for a discounted rate but you can't make those reservations online (and you would have to put your car seat in the airplane seat if you bought one). You will want to make sure that your seats are approved for a lap sitting child as you can't just sit in any seats (we had to be moved to an approved row that has an extra air mask if needed). Take something for her to suck on a sippy cup or whatever for take off/landing (my advice take an empty cup and something like a bottle of water with a closed lid onto the plane for that purpose). As for entertaining it will be hard some babies take it fine other babies cry the whole time. Take a favorite toy or lovey.....and something that won't disturb other pa__sengers and make the best of it. Good Luck!


cattac - October 9

I did forget to tell you that depending on what airline you're flying on some of them will let you just give the child a seat if the flight is not full. I've done that before and they dont care. They will make it so I have a whole row to myself if possible.



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