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JND - November 6

Hello everyone I have a few questions please. My DS just turned 15 mths old. When talking with my friend her DD is 18mths and she seems so advanced, and it makes me feel bad like I'm doing something wrong. ARE BOYS NATURALLY SLOWER THAN GIRLS? He still takes stage 3 and some table food but he really has trouble using his teeth even though he has a ton of them(8 baby ones and cutting 3 molars), my friends daughter has been strickly table food since one. He is still on the bottle, I have every sippy cup that was ever made and he just refuses to use them. ALSO, HE DRINKS 4-6 8OZS BOTTLES OF WHOLE MILK A DAY. His doctor says that she only wants him to have 3 because the calcium can take over the red blood cells and he can become anemic. I try water and juice and he doesn't take it. He really loves his milk! Any advice? He says mama, dada, nana, car, ball. Again my friends daughter has been saying many words since one. He really does know so much though. Sit, stand, knocks on doors, knows when the door bell rings, knows all of his body parts, he throws "garbage" in the garbage when I tell him too, he walks, runs, plays, pulls himself up on the couch but I feel like he is so behind when I hear my friend talk about all her DD does. Has anyone else felt like this? I guess I'm just feeling really down...any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much!


sahmof3 - November 7

Well, I have 2 boys and 1 girl (the girl's my middle child) and I do think my daughter really picked things up more quickly than the boys. She's always been more "aware" of looking around her and wanting to be able to do things like a grown up. My boys are pretty smart cookies, too (IMHumbleO LOL), but they didn't mind taking their time and sl--o--w--ly easing out of their baby ways. I'd say just keep offering the sippy and table foods and he'll take them when he's ready. His speech and language comprehension sound great for his age. Try not to compare. Believe me... I know how hard it is!... my oldest has Asperger's Syndrome (it's a high-functioning form of autism). I watched kids his age learn to speak 2 FULL YEARS before he said a thing :-( He finally spoke at 3 1/2. But, you know what? He speaks just as well now, at age 7, as all the other kids his age! :-) My point is... they all learn at different paces, but eventually it tends to even out over time. Anyway, I find that if I try to compare my boys to girls their age, they come up short every time. I know that doesn't hold true for every boy vs. girl, but overall I think it is true. Our school district even recommends sending boys who have summer b-days to kindergarten at age 6 instead of 5 (both of my boys are born in July), but they aren't as adament about it for girls. Anyway, your son sounds like he's doing very well for his age to me :-)


drea - November 7

JND......It doesnt sound like you have anything to worry about at all. My dd is 13 1/2 months. She doesnt walk on her own yet and also really doesnt like the sippy cup unless it has milk in it and she also LOVES her milk. I have every sippy cup also and the Nuby is the only one she will even attempt to drink from. I give my dd two 8oz bottles of milk a day, one in the morning and one at night before bed. She eats yogurt and cheese almost every day, so she gets calcium in other ways. Have you tried giving him yogurt? I give her Stonyfield Farms Yo Baby fruit and cereal organic yogurt. She loves it. She does have juice usually one once a day and I dilute it with water (3oz of water 1 oz of juice). Unfortunately, she will only drink it in her bottle. The rest of the day its water. Also, have you tried cut up fruit, like bananas, melon, strwberries, etc.... As far as the vocabulary, it sounds like hes doing just fine. Remember, every child does things at different times, although I know its hard not to compare. I think every Mom does it. I freak out when I see another baby walking when mine isnt. No worries, when he's ready, he'll do everything.


rl- - November 7

hi as hard as it may be try not to compair your lo with your friends all babies/toddlers do things at their own pace some are fast some are slow as long as your pedi is not worried then you should not be really it will be ok and you will see he will catch up in no time ( :


another Karen - November 8

Hello, my dd is 2.5, she's known quite a few basic words for perhaps a year but never really advanced at all until about two months ago. She strings a couple of words together and seems quite bright enough. I did worry but concluded that she hasn't wanted to say alot unitl she knew she could pronounce it properly. It is hard but try not to stress, he'll be waffling on in his own time I'm sure.


JND - November 9

Thank you everyone for your responses, it really helps me feel better. Yes, drea he does eat the Yo Baby yogurt, bananas and mandriane oranges, cheese. It's kind of like he does what he wants when he wants. He is so young and yet SO smart.


sashasmama - November 10

You know, 3 months can really make a big difference, especially in children before 2, I know by my own experiences. My daughter is 3 months younger than her cousin (also a girl), and when my dd was about 14 months old, the other little girl was already coloring and saying a lot of words...I was a little worried, until my daughter reached her age and was doing all the same thing the other girl did and was potty trained and knew a few colors on top of that.


in the woods - November 16

My dd and ds are close in age so I could freshly compare their development - yes, my son was/is slower in the speech department. At 2, he could hardly speak, while his sister was quite a social b___terfly at that age. At 2 1/2 he started speaking quite suddenly, though still, at almost 3, his speech is only 50% clear even to me, and his sister translates it for me. As for milk, my kids, too, consume it a lot - the same amount as your son. Calcium taking over red blood cells????? Really???? This is the first ime I hear this one.


kvilendrer - November 17

Kids progress at their own pace. My son didn't crawl until he was 10 months old, and he didn't walk until he was 15 months old. I used to worry because my husband's family used to tell me that I was a bad mom and didn't know what I was doing, but it's normal. From what I read, he is very very smart. Don't worry. He will do things when he wants to and is ready to.



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