To Those Who Have Had Success With CIO

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Perl - September 26

I'm one of those moms who has repeatedly said "I can't let my baby cry it out" but unfortunately my 10 month old ds has never been consistent with his sleep patterns. At first his problem was acid reflux which caused him to wake up in pain and vomit a lot and I do not regret comforting him night after night until he got past the acid reflux at about 7 months. He then started sleeping through the night but then about 6 weeks ago he started waking up every 4 hours then every 2 hours then every 45 minutes. He looked sleep deprived with bags under his little eyes and same for me too. Desperately worried that he'd fall into a very bad pattern that would last well into his toddler years I decided to finally try the crying it out method 5 nights ago. Except that instead of leaving his room when he starts to cry, I sit near his crib until he falls asleep because I don't want to leave him alone while he's upset. First night he cried close to 2 hours. Second night 45 minutes. Third night 10 minutes. Fourth night 1 minute. Tonight back up to 10 minutes. I hope that tomorrow we won't be taking another step back up to 45 minutes. I'm not sure what to expect or if this is really going to work long-term. My DS still wakes about 4 times in the middle of the night and cries anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes before falling asleep again. This is a huge improvement but I'm wondering how long it will last. My question to those who have succeeded with CIO: did your little one eventually not cry at all when you put them into the crib? And how long did that take? At any time days or months after CIO worked for you, did your lo fall back into his/her old ways? I really need to hear that this is really going to allow my ds and myself to finally get the quality sleep that we both need.


inuk-mama - September 26

DS slept in our room for the first 8 months. Once we moved, he got his own room and after a month or constantly getting up, I decided that he could CIO. It worked immediatly although sometimes he still cries so much he makes himself sick. So we will rock him for a few minutes before putting him in his crib. He usually wakes up once or twice a night but last night I just let him cry himself back to sleep and it worked! He only cried for a few minutes. Try leaving the room after you put your lo to bed.


jessb - September 26

Believe me I never though we could do cry it out, but now that she is an excellent sleeper and we just put her in a crib and she falls to sleep on her own it is great! It is really, really, really hard though... Im just being honest. My dd cried for over and hour sometimes and this last for about 2-3 weeks. But as I said you just have to tough it out and let them cry. You know that they are fine and in a safe place. They will never remember this when they are older, so dont think "he will think i am abandoning him!" Im telling you, it will be so much better when you can just lay him down at the same time every night and he might jabber, fuss a little, and play a little but eventually he will go to sleep and everyone will be getting a good night sleep. My dd still wakes up sometimes in the middle of the night and cries for a few minutes (maybe bad dreams or something), but she has everything she needs in the crib and she always wakes up in the morning happy and well rested. I am a big advocate of cry it out, but I do still remember how horrible it can be when you first start. Go take a shower or take turns with your DH going for a walk around the block so you dont have to hear the screams. If you want go in and check on your baby and comfort him verbally but dont pick him up (I must tell you this made it worse for my dd, it was much better when she learned that we werent coming in and crying did her no good). If you are consistant I swear it will work. Good luck!!!


jessb - September 26

Its completely normal for them to wake up in the middle of the night and cry for a while. Maybe check to make sure he is okay and then turn the monitor down for a whiel so its not blasting you in the ear :o) I say as long as he just cries for a few minutes and then goes back to sleep, you are on the right track and he is doing good.


Perl - September 28

Thanks Inukmama and Jessb for the rea__surance I needed. It's so hard to hear my baby cry but I keep reminding me this is for his own good. So far, it's working!!! I had hoped that each night his crying would be less and less. Not so last night he went from 5 minutes the night before to 30 minutes last night but I still can't find the strength to leave the room. I stay there sitting in the rocking chair and try to be as boring and quiet as possible, rea__suring him and rubbing his back every 5-10 minutes or so. I really hope this continues to work. ****Any other success stories?


in the woods - October 4

Perl, you're learning the same way as he's learning. He's learning that there are boundaries, and you're learning that it is hard to do some things that we must - slowly guide them to their independence. It's also hard to let your son lay on the floor in the middle of the grocery store traffic and not pick him up but let him learn to pick himself up. It is hard to keep from jumping into your kids' fight because they have to learn to resolve problems on their own... If you look at your interactions with your son in this light, it may be easier sometimes to detach, for the sake of your own quality of life. He may be small, but you have to start some time.


Nikki0888 - November 12

I had success with the CIO! My son who is now 14 months old slept with me until he was 11 months when he finally started sleeping on his own but he would still wake up and the only way he would go back to sleep was with a bottle. So at 13 months I decided I should take the bottle away. The first few nights were pretty bad just like yours but it gets better! I put him to bed with a sippy cup of water in case he gets thirsty. I mean, we still have bad nights (like tonight lol) but I just let him cry for a little bit and if it gets too bad I go in and give him a hug then lay him down and cover him back up and leave the room. Sometimes it takes a few tries but as long as you're consistent he will learn to sleep through the night all by himself. It's easier if you leave the room and make yourself busy while he's trying to go to sleep. And it's probably a good idea too or else he could get use to you being there and not go to sleep if you're not! Good luck!


fefer1 - November 15

CIO is soo hard! My DD had acid reflux really bad too and life was miserable!! She would wake up every two hours and want to be fed or she would cry. We started with one wake time and worked our way down to none. :) She was actually pretty good at it though. We only had one or two really bad nights....but once she got the hang of it she slept like a baby! lol She is 14 months now and never wakes at night anymore. Between 10-12 months we had some bad nights but it was due to teething so that's something to keep in mind. Maybe some baby tylenol will help?? We had to deal with her not taking naps either. She would never sleep and I thought I was going to lose my mind, that's why we tried the CIO method. I know some people hate it and so did I, but they do need to learn how to sleep well on their own. It's a lifelong pattern that is good for them.


Perl - December 6

Thanks everyone. I agree with you Fefer. I think all the wakings due to acid reflux ruins a baby's sleep patterns. Only after acid reflux is long gone then should we think about CIO.****It's been several months now since I started this post and I only tried CIO because I was exhausted and worried about how tired my little one must be from not sleeping so well. I didn't think CIO would work but I wanted to be able to say that at least I tried. I'm soooo happy to say that CIO HAS ABSOLUTELY WORKED FOR ME. Every now and then my ds wakes up once during the night. I sit up and check the video monitor, check the temperature then let him cry until he goes back to sleep usually in 5-15 minutes. It was a difficult thing to do for the first 3 nights but what a HUGE difference this has made in my life as well as for my ds and my dh. Life is so much better and easier when you've had a good nights rest.


in the woods - December 8




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