Toddler Amp Baby Sharing A Room

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DDT - February 27

We are living in a 2 bed place. I am due with my ds2 in June, and my ds1 will be 15-16 months old at the time. I plan on having ds2 in our room in a bassinett until he is 4 months old. I will then transition ds1 to a toddler bed and put ds2 into the crib. They will have to share a room. I would love to hear experiences from other Mum's who have had to do something similiar. How will it all work?! won't they be continually waking each other up? How do two lo's sleep semi-peacefully in a room together or should I expect to be up non-stop during the night? My ds1 was sleeping through the night by the time he was 3 months old (due to implementing a routine) and I hope to have ds2 on the same routine. I am worried that its just not going to work...and in that case we may very well need to put our current place on for sale and find a 3 bed place. I would LOVE some feedback on this topic. Thanks!


cubbie - February 27

DDT - we live in a 3 bed but i still have the girls sharing. Tzahala was older when Hallelli was born, but as she was sleeping through at 10 weeks I put in in the room then, at first I put her in in the bastinet with Tzahala in the crib for a week to get her used to sharing then after a week i moved Tzahala to the big girl bed and kept the crib empty for a week then i put Hallelli in the crib, so she never felt that she had to give her crib up for Hallelli - it worked pretty well, but i make sure to put Hallelli to bed first at 6.30 then Tzahala gets half an hour with me for her story/teeth etc before she goes to bed at 7. By then Hallelli is sleeping so it goes pretty smoothly.


in the woods - March 2

My kids started room sharing when my son was 3 or 4 months old, and my dd was 22 -23 months old. When the baby woke up through the night to be fed, dd didn't mind his fuss, she kept on sleeping. Later, when the baby got older to realize that he's not the only one in the room, that he could communicate and play with dd, I had to stage their sleep times - ds went to bed first, and dd later, when ds was asleep. These different bedtimes kept on when ds got his toddler bed, too. You just can't put 2 toddlers in the same room and expect them to fall asleep. They'd want to play. Even now, as they are 4 and 3 yo, there'd still be a "sleepover party" if you put them together in the room. Ds still falls asleep on my bed, dd has not problem fallling asleeps in her room.


fefer1 - March 2

Good question and answers. My dd will be 21 months old when our son is born and I too have a 3 bedroom but will have them share for a while. I don't want to give up my guest room quite yet! :) Toddlers do sleep pretty deep too - my dd slept through my 6 mo old nephew shrieking at the top of his lungs for 30 minutes at Christmas time. Shocking, but hey - it gave me hope for the future!



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