Toddlers Our Picky Eaters

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countrymom401 - June 24

I was hoping that maybe we could all share some ideas on what we feed our picky little eaters. Maybe for some fresh ideas and such. My little guy has his favorites which he will always eat and some foods that he won't touch at all. So I will start.... My son is 16 months old. His favorite foods are.......Berries All kinds. Toast with cheez whiz...Blueberry waffles...Soup with lots of crackers.....Kraft dinner......grilled cheese sandwiches.....Spaghetti.....Noodles of most kinds.....Chicken.....Pizza.......pepperroni......Cheese.....hotdogs and smokies..The foods that he won't touch at all are......Eggs.....Jam.......Green beans.......beef......potatoes most of the time..... mushrooms........hamburger cooked anyway it seems he will pick it out of hamburger helper and stuff. .....Oranges......Kiwi.....And thats all I can think of right now I am sure there are more. So now its your turn. Maybe we can get some more meal ideas from each other....Thanks.


Bridget - June 24

Both our kids eat waffles, yay! My 28 mo boy will also eat most meat, yogurt, dry cereal and bread/toast,bacon and oatmeal.Meatloaf is where I sneak in good stuff,pureed cooked veggies and oatmeal instead of breadcrumbs. He won't touch any veggies or grains(except babyfood green beans and carrots),even though he used to eat broccoli,brown rice,wild rice,quinoa. He backs away and sceams(seriously, it's funny) if I offer him a noodle on a fork, so no mac and cheese.Cheese gets the same reaction, a scream and cower.Used to eat potatoes in any form now only french fries. He's allergic to eggs,wheat and soy (which is in everything but mouthwash, I swear) so we have to be careful about reading labels. I just wish he'd eat fruit because with all the meat, we have issues with regularity, if you know what I mean. I'm going to see what impression cheez whiz makes on him on some bread. Maybe your lo would try yogurt, like as a dessert. The "Yo Baby" ones come in 6 packs and they are whole milk meant for babies/toddlers. I can't wait till he's old enough where I can tell him: 3 bites of veggies then you can have snack. There is just no reasoning with them at this age and so it's just trial and error.


wailing - July 1

BRIDGET--how do u cook the Quinoa? I've read so much about it and wanted to try it. Can u put it into things like meatb___s and meatloaf?? FOOD WE EAT--loves...creamchz on wheat w/ jelly, tofu nuggets and hotdogs, any fruit (mangos, pears and bl berrys are favs), spaghetti (sneak LOTS of veggies into the sauce!!!), meatb___s (again sneak TONS of veggies in). Having hard time w/ veggies unless its snuck into things, wont' eat alone.



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