Transition From Crib To Bed

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jbrett - February 12

My 16th month old Ethan is very active and has recently discovered how to get out of his crib. For safety purposes we have decided to put him in a toddler bed, but he won't take naps in it and falling asleep at night is quite the struggle. Also he he is now waking up in the night. I don't know what to do with him??? Please help!


olivia - February 12

My dd transitioned around this age and it was a series of problem after problem. She has always been a dream sleeper but the new freedom really hit her and she also skipped napping, falling asleep was a series of about 20 rounds of putting her to bed. It gets better! Not ever as good as being able to plop them in the crib, but he'll find his groove again. I ended up taking her for walks and then transferring her to the bed for nap time. After waking up there a few times she started to get the idea. As for bedtime, we now read her about 3 books and give her a cup of warm milk and pray not to see her until morning. I started reading her really LONG books and sometimes she'd fall asleep that way. But after a lot of trial and error and coming VERY close to locking her in there, we are finding some success. She no goes up and naps again. I recently put a doll house up there so if she can't nap she can play with her toys in her room during nap time. It was a really bumpy road but hang in there and keep trying. I know my sister who has a very active son had a really hard time too. I would say childproof his room completely so you know it is safe in there and make it a play place so if he refuses to nap you can at least send him in there to play for a while. Our pediatrician had recommended a gate for the bedroom door but if he can climb a crib a gate probably won't help. Good luck, sorry i don't have any real advise!


momtbc - February 14

Stick to it! Keep putting your little one back in bed and remind how big they are because they are in a big kid bed. We are now on our third child that we have had to transition from crib to toddler bed. We use a bed rail. Every morning we also make a big deal out of the fact that he didn't get out of bed and he is such a big boy. I had also heard about the gate at the bedroom door. I tried that with our second and it didn't work. Mostly because he would stand there and scream and wake up his older sister and cause a whole new situation to arise. If you can handle it, try the gate. But just stay consistent and eventually it will work out.


lin7604 - February 20

so closing the door doesn't work? do they know how to open the handle? I am dreading the move and i think i will keep the crib around as long as i can! My ds is 16 months and i know i would be going through the same thing if i had to transition him anytime soon. I hope he doesn't try to figure out how to climb it ( although he is very active too) and then once he is old enough to understand it all better , hopefully it will be a easier transition as 16 month is still very young.


jbrett - February 20

Thanks for all the replies, consistancy works he is now going to his bed all by himself and falls asleep. The first few days were very difficult but we got through it. Naps are still not where we would like to be but we're still working on it.



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