Transition To Toddler Bed

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sahm2alaj - October 9

My DS will be 20 months in 1 week and we recently purchased a toddler bed for him. I am looking for any tips or suggestions on how I can introduce this new concept to him of sleeping in his 'big boy bed'. Any help would be appreciated :) I am due in January and was hoping to have him sleeping in his new bed by then. Thanks


Erins Mom - October 9

I transit_tioned my dd at 17 months (I'm due in December) and really what worked for her was making it a really BIG deal about being a big girl and sleeping in a big girl bed - she picked out the quilt for it and pillow cases to match and she was excited to sleep in it - granted there were some nights of crying when she realized she had to stay in it (normally only for about a 1/2 hour - we'd make sure she was really tired before we started the bedtime routine), but the funny thing was she didn't try and get out when she'd sit up in it we'd just tell her to lay back down and she would - it took about 2 weeks for her to really get the hang of it and now she does fine. Good luck. I know some kids are easier than others.


sahm2alaj - October 9

Thanks! I sure hope our transition goes as smooth as yours did, but I am ready for anything. I will probably stick with our bedtime routine, but instead of placing him in his crib... put him in his bed and walk away. Then I will just listen out for him on the monitor and continue to go in and put him back ion his bed if he does get out.


Zeke - October 9

We transiitioned our lo at 16 mos. We set the toddler bed up in her room and left the crib there too. For a few weeks we didn't make a big deal about it being in the room and she still slept in her crib. Then she started playing on the toddler bed in the daytime and pretending to sleep on it so we started putting her to sleep at night in the toddler bed. We didn't really have any trouble with it. She never really tried to get off it, when her room was dark (she has a night light but it's not very bright). I will admit that we are still having trouble with the napping during the day. If she really isn't tired then she won't stay in bed. But we are also doing the 2 naps a day to 1 nap a day transit_tion now.


sahm2alaj - October 10

Well the transition (so far) is a success. I put him in his big boy bed lastnight and just listened on the monitor for him. It sounds like he had gotten out of bed once to play with one of his toys, but when i checked in on him about 45 minutes later he was in his bed sound asleep. He remained there the entire night and when i woke up this morning and went to his room he was awake just sitting up on his bed waiting for me! It was adorable! I hope it continues this smoothly. And I am wondering how he will react with his afternoon naps now.


Erins Mom - October 10

That's great! I hope it keeps up for you! No crying or anything is amazing!


K8 - October 13

so glad i found this thread! i posted a while back about how to go about the transition but everyone told me that before 24 months it was no use as she would be too young...i am due with my second in February and wanted her all sorted in her big girls bed before then...she is 15 months now so maybe in the next few months i will try and see how we go. Thanks for the tips :)


Erins Mom - October 13

K8, everyone told me the same thing as well, but I decided to try it and Erin did great, so I'd give it a try if I was you. Kids are smarter than most people give them credit for...good luck!


PaigeMeagans mommy - October 19

my daughter was 16 months when we put her in the toddler bed. We took the crib completely out of her room. We put her in bed and made sure she was good and tired and closed the door. She would get up and cry for a few minutes, but settled back down. We checked on her after she feel asleep and she was in her bed. No problems after that date. Now she is 21 months and loves her bed!



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