Tryingx3 I Was Wondering If You Received Your Book

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aprilmum - October 13

Hi, I was just wondering if you received your Dr. Sears book and if so, is it working?


tryingx3 - October 22

I don't remember which book - I made a mistake with my order and had to reorder - I ended up with his book on the High need/fussy baby. My dd sounds a lot like the high need baby he describes, but the one area that I need the most help in...there was little help. She still wants to nurse all through the night - she actually at 13 months seems MORE attached to the b___b than LESS. She has started trying to raise my shirt in public, etc...


tryingx3 - October 22

His book suggested that you tell the baby that mommy's num nums go night night and can nurse again when mr. sun comes up, etc. My dd is not quite old enough to understand that. He also said they discovered one of their children was comfortable with just touching the skin instead of actually nursing.


spamanda - October 22

tryingx3 -- my friend's son mostly just wanted to touch them. he'd reach up under her shirt, it was almost like having a blankie or a pacifier. i'm sorry it's still so difficult for you! that really sucks... is sleeping still going badly? ~spam


tryingx3 - October 24

We seem to go in cycles of bad to very bad. We are in a very bad cycle. She wants to use me as a human pacifier - she wakes up constantly through the night and looks for me. She will sit up and look around and either fall over on me or start crawling off the bed. She then wants to nurse back to sleep - we do this 10-12 times a night. No kidding! I am exhausted and I know she is tired too. She grunts and then cries if I do not let her nurse and obviously with my state of exhaustion I give in. She then doesn't want to detach and would prefer to sleep that way! By about 6 a.m. - time to get up for work, she is sleeping pretty good!


in the woods - October 24

omg, tryingx3, and you are working yet a day job with this night schedule ??? Is there anything that makes you to hold this schedule, apart from her wishes? I remember, with my first I did it for 5 months and was so tired I said no more. I put her in her crib at night. She cried but figured it out eventually. The second one had a soldier schedule - the 1st month co-sleeping, the second month in a ba__sinet beside, the third month in a crib in a separate room ( I think we got 6 hours of sleep by the 4th month at night). And that's just by letting them cry, no other magic, that's how they learn.


tryingx3 - October 25

I am mostly too tired to try anything different. My husband is not a big help in this department and yes, I have sheltered him too much...but when we were both up and not rested, I couldn't stand the bickering. I remember telling him he was driving me crazy over and over again - during the early months. I moved to another room for a while - with her in her baby bed and would just get up out of bed to tend to her and let him sleep alone. I may be wrong, but I really think her sleep problems go beyond laying her down one night and letting her cry until she finally falls asleep...then repeating it ALL night long and then night after night until she "gets it"...I wonder if people who do/did CIO had children who got UP repeatedly through the night or were just difficult to get put down originally?


in the woods - October 26

Of course, the kids develop their habits - my 5 mo old was used to us two sleeping together in the big bed, nursing 4-5 times a night - very close to the newborn schedule. It was me who could not stand the life in a fog anymore. So I moved out of her room, let her skip a meal, cry some, and fed her only every other meal. When she got used to two meals a night, I stopped coming in for the first one, but came for the other one. When she got used to one meal, I think it was at 5am there. Hubby was never help at nights with me neither, so the more motivated I was to get some sanity. My kids got the idea of routine change reasonably fast - they cried maybe 5-6 nights in a row for the old habit, so I had to be prepared for a week of crying nights. But then it got easier. I do think 3 months is enough for babying the baby, then they are strong enough to survive through 6 hours.


spamanda - October 26

Hey trying -- DS used to get up many times during the night. He sleeps in his own room, has since he was about 4 mos old. We started letting him fuss a little longer at night when he'd wake up and I KNEW he wasn't hungry (ie I'd just fed him a few hours ago). I just slowly kept weaning him off night feedings. It took a couple months. We did CIO, but he never cried for a very long time, probably never more than 20 minutes. He was about 7 months when we started though. Good luck! I hope SOMEthing starts to work for you! ~spam


tryingx3 - October 26

Thanks girls! I was hoping not to start a CIO debate. A couple of times in the 6-7 month range I tried to let her CIO, my version. My husband was out of town and I thought I could do it and have her regrouped by the time he got home. I would let her cry for 15 minutes, console, cry another 15, console, cry another 15 minutes... I wimped out after 45 minutes. I tried again the next night - but wimped out again. I know you girls know how exhausting it is...I have thrown away my keys, knocked my side mirror off of my car backing out of the garage - I just can't imagine doing it on even less rest! I keep hoping she will just do better. She actually has been better (for us) the past 2 nights. I think she was only up 3 times last night and very briefly - still in our bed.


in the woods - October 28

trying, maybe it will get better for you eventually, let's hope! I'm thinking - how the hell did I do it with the second baby, if the first one was 22 months when the second was 3 mo, and we have only one room for them both??? It seems like yesterday, yet they are a pre-schooler and a big-sized toddler already. It goes by so fast, though it seems like forever.


tryingx3 - October 31

in the woods - I guess seeing how fast time flies is why I don't want to complain too much - I enjoy having her near me during the night, although don't enjoy the "suck and roll" as my husband calls it. We are cutting our FIRST tooth finally - so that will change things as well.


spamanda - October 31

wow, first tooth huh? ds has 9 now. his teeth didn't bother me at all during nursing until he got the top ones.... and then he started to want to bite. hope hers come in easily for all of you! ~spam


tryingx3 - November 1

She is a late bloomer on teething and eating. She is doing pretty good with solids now, but her gag reflex was pretty impressive for a long time. She is starting to kind of drag her mouth against me now when nursing...I guess her mouth is bothering her...something of mine will be bothering ME if she continues!



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