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jenna32 - December 10

for the record,yes i know tv is bad for kids,so please no critisism. But we have received the vtech tv toy and that riding pony toy that attaches to the tv. dd has never seemed interested in watching the screen to play with the toys. So i was wondering when everyones little ones got into tv a little more?? Not looking to sit her there all day or anything,but a little break now and then would be nice, i don't even get much time to finish laundry so a spare minute or 2 would be nice. She's only a year old right now. i think when she was younger she was a little interested at one point but everyone kept saying oh it's so bad for babies,so i tried getting her away from it. But then i realized i can't preach what i don't practice myself sometimes.


DDT - December 10

I think my ds1 was about 18 months old when the TV started really grabbing his attention. When he was your lo's age he had minimal attention span but would watch maybe 5-10 mins at a time. If I needed to cook dinner and it was a show he really liked then it worked. He liked dancing and any show geared towards that was a hit. His attention span just started getting longer and he also acquired a taste in shows. One month he really likes Bob the Builder and the next month it's Winnie the Pooh or Thomas & Friends. I always just keep a limit to how much TV he can watch. At almost 22 months I allow him to watch about 1.5hrs worth of TV. That's 3 30min shows. And during other times the music is on low in the background. He is really really really into Thomas & Friends at the moment.


eclipse - December 11

My son got into tv around 16-18 months as well when we discovered Between the Lions. He LOVES that show. He also likes sesame street, but really only the Elmo's World part. We watch half of Between the Lions in the morning as he drinks some milk before daycare, and half at night while I make dinner or Elmo. Other than that, he doesn't watch. :D


jenna32 - December 13

thanks everyone.Seems like i may have another year to wait until i get a little break.She glances at it for a minute or 2 maybe (and thats if she's tired) but other then that nothing much.



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