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big belly - May 28

My little one will be a year old next week. I have been rocking her to sleep every night since she was 2 months. It relaxes us and gives us quality one on one time for me to talk to her. However, lately she squirms and just wont go to sleep. It takes way to long, and i want to stop. I want to put her in her crib and read her a book and leave the room. Does anyone have advice for me? Has anyone had the same problem? And if so, what did you do?


lin7604 - May 29

so are you saying that one you rock her and put her in her crib she just squirms around? if so, how long will she do it for? does she cry or just squirm? If she isn't crying, leave and she will fall asleep on her own. if this is the case that i have your question right, how long is she napping during the day, one nap or 2? maybe she is needing more A time before bed? or a shorter daytime nap? let me know if i am correct in how i read your question.


guccigal87 - May 29

hey i had the SAME issue.. i had to rock my son to sleep till he was 1 and i loved it but i was just getting so tired of it.. and i was not a beleiver in crying it out..BUT i did it for the sanity of me.. and it worked AWESOME the first few nights where horrible and i was just crying and yea it wasnt fun but now i am soooo glad i did it before he learnt to crawl outta his crib!


big belly - May 30

lin- she squirms the whole time im rocking her, and if i put her in her crib before she is asleep, she will scream and scream and scream. She naps around 1:30-2 or 2:30, depending on how active we are that morning. I keep her busy and active throughout the day, so i know she is exausted. She just fights me so much at bedtime. gucci-Thanx. Im gonna let her scream tonight and see how long it take her to go to sleep. I do let her cry in the playpen when i shower, but its never for long. I cant stand to hear her cry like that just because she wants to be near me. Dont get me wrong, i dont give her everything she wants, and shes not spoiled. But to hear her cry for me. I just cant do it.


Gretta - May 31

Hi girls - my mom gave me advice that kind of made me feel a bit better about letting them CIO a bit. She said it was my job to teach the baby to fall asleep on her own. That oncee she was old enough its an important part of growing up and learning to put yourself to sleep is an important skill. I know it sounds silly but its kind of true. So hang in there and don't feel guilty.


big belly - June 2

O-k, so for the last 3 nights i have been wearing her out really good and reading her story and then lights out and i leave her room. She cries for less than 5 minutes, and off to dream land she goes. Yay! It makes me happy that i dont have to rock her for an hour. I turn on her cla__sical music cd and turn off the lights and she instantly lays down, cries for a few minutes and thats it. So if any of u read this and have the same problem, try it. It works. Dark time meens sleep time. lol. Thanx to those who responded.



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