Undescended Testicle

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RJS MOM - June 13

My son is 15 months old and we have to get surgery done on his undescended testicle. Has anyone had to go through this? I VERY scared about the anesthesia & the whole process...


kimberly - June 13

I ahve never been through this, but I had many surgeries as a child and I came out of all of it just fine. I know it must be very scary to know your child has to have surgery, but I am sure he will do great. Good luck and I hope he has a fast and easy recovery!


babybradley - June 13

I have not been through it. I had to learn about all the procedures when they thought my sons testicale didnt descend. My brother however who is 17 years old just had to go thur the surgery. My mom didnt do it eairlier in hopes that it would come down however it didnt... She now wishes she had done it much sooner. So I guess it being done now will be so much better for you both in the long run.... if you just need someone to vent with or someone to talk too... make a post with my name and i will be glad to be there.... I know how it felt when they thought my son had to go through surgery... I was TERRIFIED


aprilmum - June 16

My son is almost 14 months & has not yet descended. His pedetrician says not to worry. He would give him until he's 2, maybe even 3 & go from there. Should I be concerned?


RJS MOM - June 16

With my son its hasn't desended at all. My nephews goes up & down, but by the age of 3 it should be down permently. Has your son come down at all?


aprilmum - June 16

No, they have not come down at all. But, his ped says he can feel them.


Kara H. - June 19

It can cause fertility problems later in life so you definitely want it done before puberty. I'm sure it would be more emotionally traumatic the older a child gets, so I can certainly see why peds prefer to do it earlier rather than later. Retracting t______es (where they go up and down - my lo has this) is not a big deal and they will eventually stay down. If it has never came down - a true undesended t______e - by age 1, they usually start talking surgery. It rarely comes down on its own it it hasn't by age 1.



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